Superbox/Gorilla Box Review Help

Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by Digital Ghost, Jul 13, 2013.

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  1. Hi Guys,

    I need a solid box to transport equipment and came across the Superbox/Gorilla box.
    Has anyone used one before?

    Question for people who have, does it have a handle so it can be used like a roller duffle bag?

  2. You can buy a Gorilla Box with wheels. They have a strap to enable you to drag it along behind you.
  3. I shouldn't even bother with a Gorilla box - simply put, they are crap:

    a) The slightest knock will split or crack the case.
    b) The wheels WILL fall off.
    c) RAF loadies managed to smash a wheel and crack the lid in one journey.
    d) They look rugged (but aren't), this normally means they get put on the bottom of pallets & will crack especially if a ratchet strap goes anywhere near them.

    I'd look at buying a couple of the 'Pelikan' cases, fair enough they are expensive, but are spot on for what they do. The small ones are about a tenner and are big enough for a couple of smartphones, the biggest I've seen are about £80 and you can comfortably stick a laptop and other bits and bobs in it.

    In case I wasn't clear, stay away from Gorilla boxes. If you are near any NATO bases don't buy one of the Ciano's boxes, as they are even worse than Gorilla's offerings.
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  4. Hmm to be honest the Pelikan boxes are too small for what I need. Maybe ill try a gorilla box first and see what it's like.

    thanks guys
  5. Krazy_Ivan is right. If you use one, make sure you close the lid properly which makes the structure a little more rugged, otherwise it will fall apart quicker than a badly made Airfix kit.
  6. Afternoon DG

    Not sure about rollers but we used to make roller skids for heavy gear flightcases during load in (music biz not army).

    Thomann have a range of own brand flightcases under the brand name Thon. Thomann are probably the biggest music supply company in Europe, an for musos.

    Thon Accessory Case 38x30x28 BK - Thomann UK heres a £45 33 litre case as an example

    Heres where there made and at 4min or so see one being chucked out a 1st floor window and the contents then sampled as intact.
    Thon Flightcases - YouTube

    Some user reviews on the roadie forum Blueroom
    Thon flightcases? - Blue Room technical forum

    Or check out used cases on spider engineering, never bought from them but they seem to be spoken of quite a bit in Blueroom.
    Used Cases

    Hope that is of some use

  7. Peli Storm cases come in avariety of sizes. Mine is still good as new and it has a lifetime guarantee just in case the RAF figure out a new way to destroy luggage