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Discussion in 'US' started by jockster, Mar 2, 2011.

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  1. Excuse the randomness of this question but why the feck do you call the Superbowl the "World Championship" when only you play in it! bit of audacious of you dont you think.
  2. Holy shit, just been told you also call your local Baseball league the " World Series", what fecking planet are you on?
  3. IIRC the baseball world series was so called because it was sponsered by the World newspaper (unless that an urban myth)

    DOesnt excuse the super bowl though :)
  4. Don't you know? Yanks think they are the world.
  5. The internet is your friend... yes the series is named after the now defunct newspaper that sponsered it. World Series origins

    Far as the super bowl goes, there is an effort to put an NFL team in London and one in Germany don't you know?

    Now... quit worrying about this stuff and go out and get laid.
  6. Shh... was trying to get to OP going again and you just ruined it.
  7. I don't know if Khyros is right or not about how baseball's championship series became known as the World Series because of the backing of Pulitzer's New York World newspaper, but he is right about the NFL trying to establish teams in Europe. it's hard going so far though as the Euros are simply mad about an effete game called soccer (?) that uses a round ball that you can't throw. I think it's catching on here in the middle school ranks but no serious sports fan here would watch it. ;-) No opportunity for kidney shots, chop blocks, etc. :omfg:

    At least the Aussies use a proper ball in their game of footy ;-)

  8. You are of course forgetting the game which the American code is based on: Rugby! It's far more physical, and no-one wears any of that gay-looking armour shit, and it's pretty popular on the Continent as well, apparently :p

    (Waits for inevitable incoming)
  9. Ah, one is forgetting how boring yank "football" is. One game can last 4 or 5 hours due to the fact that the game consists of mutliple 1 minute spurts of action and then 5 to 10 minutes of "chat" time where everyone stands about "discussing the tactics"...more like having a rest after running a couple of meters after too many burgers. Us Euros are far too sophisticated to watch that you see. ;)
  10. As to sorts in the US, I should note that soccer football, or Footy as you say in the UK does have some following here in the US. I understand it is getting popular for young girls and also is played by boys who....erm...well... just are not quite manly enough for American Football, if you know what I mean. In American Football if a player who is 6'6'' and is 275 pounds of muscle slams into you you pick yourself up and get ready for the next play. In soccer if someone brushes lightly against you you apparently are supposed to lie down and cry while holding your knee and only get up when the referee waves a red card at someone and comes over and gives kisses to make you better.

    As to the calling an American championship a World Championship, I do understand what you are saying. It is a bit like the RN calling itself simply "The Royal Navy" when every other monarchy with a navy says (in their own languages of course) Royal Dutch Navy, Royal Norwegian Navy, Royal Swedish Navy .......... .(Note to members of the Senior Service, no disrespect intended to you, a great group of people. I have met many wonderful RN officers over the years. Great mess stewards to despite their tendency to try to get septics as drunk as possible as fast as possible.)
  11. Fang_Farrier

    Fang_Farrier LE Reviewer Book Reviewer

    Nah all the shoulder pads, sternum guards and forearm guards, scrum caps currently being sported in rugby are all very manly, especially scrum caps worn by backs.
  12. Not sure if you are aware but rugby has a small but passionate following here in the states as well. Far as the protective gear used in football... without it we'd have triage performed after every play. A friend of mine from the UK (who happens to play both soccer and rugby) was quite critical of American football until he actually got to see a game firsthand... he might not of got into the game much afterwards but realized the physics involved and found other things to grouse about out of grudging respect for the sport.