Superbowl 42

Discussion in 'Sports, Adventure Training and Events' started by Virgil, Feb 4, 2008.

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  1. Any of you Clives and Ians see it? Quite a friggin' game won in the last minute and an upset to boot.
  2. So the Patriots are out?
  3. Yes. If they'd won it would have been an undefeated season. The first since '72 and with four more wins.

    It came down to the last minute of the game, pretty exciting really.

    The winners, the NY Giants, barely made the playoffs

    An NY Giants assistant coach Mike Sullivan was a West Point graduate where he played (American) football. A teammate--Greg Gadson--stayed in the Army and was on deployment in Iraq. LTC Gadson--lifelong NY Giants fan--was the victim of an IED and became a double amputee losing both legs.

    Sullivan convinced the head coach to allow Gadson to speak to the team in a previous playoff game. He did and the team 'adopted' him as an inspirational symbol. A lot of sports writers have said it was the turning point for the Giants.

    Great story.
  4. best superbowl for a while even though there was no offensive explosion (tense defensive stuff) ... and makes me (as a cowboy fan) feel a bit better in that it was a NFC east team that won.
  5. How gutted? Yesterday I was supporting Scotland, Villa and the Patriots...Not a good day for sport in the smoky house!