Super Tech!!!!

Discussion in 'REME' started by Rockstar, Nov 16, 2007.

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  1. Is it a comic book hero?

  2. Is it a tech with common sense?

  3. Is it a tech who can hold his own in a 1st line fitter section?

  1. Just for fun and no other real reason... What is a "Super Tech"...?
  2. old school ece - it was the only proper tech trade!!

    I'm ducking now!
  3. Oi !!!! And what is / was wrong with Radar???
  4. nothing- if your that way inclined but if I was one I definetly wouldn't admit it in public! although Av tech may be slightly worse
  5. Ah... yes. Nothing worse than Avionics, or that pretend tech trade, Aircraft.
  6. What the hell was right with Radar techs? Come to think about it, I also include Tels and of course the great pretenders Inst. Their is one and only trade in the tech world, it is of course God's Trade, the ECE. :skull:
  7. thinking about it a super-tech is an ece now doing the other tech jobs as well as their own - and not forgetting the recovery tasks and pack lifts we do with the black hand gang
  8. For the record, Tels kicked ass. As for the "Super-tech"....words fail me. More ham-fisted than ECE's, glow less in the dark than Radar and just not as capable as Tels. :twisted:
  9. Got to admit it, Id rather have a ECE on my crew than a radar or Inst. Tech. Once the Radar Tech got past his press button test he was fcuked and couldnt even make a decent standard brew and egg banjo. Saying that the Radar techs must be better than the Blue Smurf brigade and most have reached pubity at least before their stripey. Going under shelter expecting in coming :wink:
  10. Lads, why the fighting?

    There is only one "Super" Tech. That is the Tele Tech Radio (Royal Signals), look up to them and aspire to greatness.
  11. It's nearing christmas, getting some practise swings in for the christmas punchup.
  12. Oh god its a complete GEEK convention in here with all the Techs around, We only need a GEO from the RE to complete the set. :wink:

    Only joking lads................................(THE_IRON now in hiding)
  13. I though the Super Tech was a Tech Storeman.........or did I get that wrong somehow :?
  14. Iron

    I agree with you, had plenty of ECE's on my 434, Wr Maint & ARV/ARRV crews. Always willing to muck in, be it pack lift or making the brews.

    Tels/Insts/Radar always seemed to hide in their ERV's only coming out at mealtimes!! TV, Video, Kettle, Toaster etc etc plugged in making the old 16/24 work over time.


  15. Can you be more specific please? I believe we're looking at a very unqualified statement here - very unqualified.