Super Sports Car Experience

Discussion in 'Classified Ads' started by Moodybitch, Jun 11, 2004.

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  1. Right you lot, who wants this.....

    Super Sports Car Experience - Drive/race Lotus Elise & Firebird Kit Car at Taporley race track (Cheshire)

    Race day includes:

    Race Lotus Elise
    Race Firebird Kit Car

    Paid £170.00 - any offer over £80?

    Includes drivers insurance, free entry to spectators, certificate upon completion. Valid until January 2005.

    Selling due to boyfriend being ungrateful git! (Or shite driver) :wink:

    Ta very much,


  2. Make him go, so he can prove he is a git :lol:
  3. :wink: No...why don't you just buy it....then I can go down on the pub with the money
  4. Cheshire ? Take two days to get there.................
  5. why where are you memsec

    Calling all those from cheshire then......just bloody buy the thing. Never never never buying my fella another present.
    Are you all this ungrateful lol :wink:
  6. Who ever buys it giz a shout , you can call round mine for a brew, only live around the corner , and its Oulton park race track not Tarporley
    see ya
    :twisted: :twisted: :twisted:
  7. Best post I have read in ages. Smack him over the head with a shovel!!! :lol:
  8. I thought that the 'meal ticket' left her with the kid, two years ago?
  9. Oh give a rest will you totally misinterpreted my comments so find someone else to insult
  10. You'll do just fine Camp Follower.
  11. I used to live in Cheshire. Now I don't. Which was nice.
  12. Should read:

    Right you lot, who wants this?

    Stolen car experience - Tesco's carpark, Chester

    Race day included:

    Disabling alarms
    Entry via drivers window using palate knife
    Some crisps
    1986 Ford Fiesta XR2 Chav mobile

    Includes car chase, wheel spinning, debunking when cornered by the police.

    Selling as boyfriend left me and the kid (who may not be his) years ago and I need the money until my £40K Giro comes thorugh next Thursday.

    :twisted: :twisted: :twisted:
  13. Baddass.

    You are a wigger reversed.
  14. .......fair enough (what's one of them then?)