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Discussion in 'Infantry' started by taggytwo, Feb 8, 2007.

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  1. : There is rumour spreading the Foot guards may go super regiment as well, to head off supposed cuts. I know the foot guards are not everyones cup of tea but four of the Regiments were formed by Royal directive.

    the Grenadiers Charles I
    Jocks some Scots King
    Irish, Victoria
    and the Welsh by one of the Georges.

    I hate all this rapeing of the Regimental history our army is the poorer without the D&D, The gloucesters, and Black watch.

    How can you Super Reg a division like the Queens, the PWRR are already a super reg as are the Royal Anglians, the fusiliers are already an amalgum of all the other fusilier regiments.

    when will it stop. :pissedoff
  2. Well I hope the Guards do get it - we have all been shafted - why are they so special?
  3. What a bone comment. If they break the Guards then more trouble will result for others. The rot has to stop somewhere and I would expect everyone to be onside.
  4. Its not bone - I bet 99% of the infantry will agree with me on this (apart from the Woodentops :biggrin: )
  5. Seconded, it has to stop here and now, we won't have a shred of Regimental History, Identity or Tradition left at the rate that Regiments are dissapearing. If the Guards division goes, I think it will inevitabley pave the way for the Corps of Infantry. God forbid!!!!

    Cheers Easy!
  6. I thought some knob would chip in. and the daddy was that man.

    my main point is they have been formed on direct Royal command, the only Regiments to have this honour / hinderence. that is why they have been left alone, so far.

    although that Spam head Gen Jackson did try to get rid of the Irish, I fear that was a Para thing rather than a logical decission.
  7. Soon it will become the Royal British Defence Force and every service will get chucked under one Capbadge!

    If the Guards get turned into a super Regiment it might mean that more of the other Regiments get a chance to Stag on out side Buck palace and the such.
    That might mean the Paras get a chance :thumright:
  8. It should be pointed out that the Royal Welch Fusiliers are now part of the super Regt (in every sense :thumright: )The Royal Welsh (hence hackles, Flashes, Scarlets etc...) and the RHF are part of the Royal Regiment of Scotland.

    Main point- smack on the nail though!
  9. Dennis, Monty Python and the Holy Grail.

    Just because some German loon liked tall men and had shares in Brasso doesn't mean that the logic behind the big regiment concept doesn't hold up for the Guards, they aren't "special".

    They have been left alone as the headlines in the papers wouldn't read well.
  10. Taggy - if you don't like other peoples comments then don't post - or buy that island off the Essex coast and form your own bloody regiment. You ain't got a clue have you - the Guards have always been privaliged at the expense of the rest of the infantry - its about time they marched in the real world.

    And the Coldsteamers were not raised by Royal warrant - some people need to get their facts striaght before they touch the keyboard

    1650 George Monck's Regiment
    raised for service in Parliamentary Army in Northumberland from five companies of George Fenwick's Regiment and five companies of Sir Arthur Hesilrige's Regiment [Hazlerigg]

    1660 The Duke of Albemarle's Regiment of Foot, or The Lord General's Regiment transferred to the King's service

    1661.02.14 Lord General's Regiment of Foot Guards
    elevated to Guards status, and placed on British Establishment;
    Note: the regiment never accepted the designation "2nd Regiment of Foot Guards" although this was occasionally used in official documents in the early 18th century.

    1670 Coldstream Regiment of Foot Guards

    1855 Coldstream Guards
  11. My Bold.

    Taggy did'nt inclued the Coldstreamers in his first post. But nice bit of History though mate.
  12. Ok, Scots Guards

    The Scots Guards have over three hundred and sixty years of unbroken service to the crown. They can trace their origins back to an army that was raised by Archibald 1st Marquess of Argyll, 16 March 1642. Since this date the Regiment has served in nearly every campaign in which the British Army has been involved in. In 1686 they were brought onto the establishment of the English Army for the first time.

    I don't think that Archibald was ever a king of England
  13. I read somewhere that there were nearly 6 Guards Regiments, the sixth one was to be made up of commonwealth troops but the idea was never followed through, I shall dig for a link.
  14. The Daddy

    you should be carefull before you rant you look stupid when you get it wrong. I never mentioned the Coldstream because i know there history.
    As for the Scots.

    1642Marquis of Argyll's Royal Regiment
    1650 Foote Regiment of His Majestie's Lyffe Guard
    1651 disbanded


    1660.11.23 six independent companies in Scotland under James
    1661.05.01 Scots Regiment of Foot Guards
    (also known as The King's Regiment, The King's Foot Guards, or Scotch Guards)
    1686 placed on English Establishment, ranking as 3rd Foot Guards
    1713 3rd Regiment of Foot Guards
    1831.04.29 Scots Fusilier Guards
    1877.04.03 Scots Guards

    Something tells me you are a little bitter, i cant understand why, perhaps you were refused entry in to the guards. when you leave the army cadets you can apply again, in the meantime keep your chinup young man.
  15. I agree. Whilst having no great love for the Household Div I must say that them getting "shafted" is not good. Just because others have been. Look at it this way, if they can be "shafted" what can the rest of us expect. The rot must stop now.