Super Puma ditches in North Sea

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Sparky2339, Feb 18, 2009.

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  1. A quick heads up for those with folk in the Oil Rig industry.

    BBC Scotland newsflash just issued - sorry no linky.

    Apparently on its way to the rigs NE of Scotland and no doubt carrying workers and crew.

    Sorry for the bad news.
  2. Thanks for reporting on Arrse Sparky. BBC report Nimrod in the air. Sea state is OK so let's hope for the best.
  3. Bugger. Sounds like it was within the 500m exclusion zone but the nearest onsite vessel had divers down at the time.
  4. BBCnews24 - all rescued amazingly enough well done RAF
  5. Phew!! :D Fcukin freezin in that pond.

    [Note to add] Most of the divers, para-medics & landing controllers in the North Sea are all ex-services, so there'll be quite a few toasts to the search 'n rescue teams tonight!!
  6. Good drills, those Crabs! :D
  7. Great stuff. Well done to all the rescue crews!
  8. Well that's a relief and no mistake. But aren't them things supposed to be able to float and then sort of drive along on the surface?

  9. I know Sea Kings can do this, not so sure about Pumas...

  10. Err...... simply put - No.

    They do have flotation devices for just this kind of incident though.
  11. Puma no - Sea king yes
    Depends how it went down. If the engines packed up and they auto-rotated in, it would be a bit tricky landing and no power to "drive" the helo as it were.
    If it went down under power - eg something happens to an engine and the pilot thinks the best option is a controlled landing on water asap, then what you have described is possible.
    Good drills all round and chuffed to hear all are safe !

    - b*gger, beaten to the keyboard !
  12. Excellent news. I'm never too keen to get on the chopper to go to work, doesn't really bother me on the way home though.
    Sounds as if it was an infield cab did the rescue
  13. The guys would have been wearing survival suits, lifejackets and a rebreather system which gives them extra time underwater. Suppose this justifies the survival course and safety briefings
  14. RAF done nothing more than put a Nimrod over the scene, it was all over by the time the yellow helly got there, most of the guys rescued by rig lifeboat and one of the heli's on the nearest platform. A mate of mine is on the rig the rescue chopper was from, just had the story from his other half.

    A great majority of Bond's gound crews and engineers are ex crab though. I expect some puckering in Aberdeen tonight until they find out the cause.