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Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Bumper, Sep 11, 2009.

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  1. There I was, strolling through life with the glib confidence of a man who thinks who knows a lot about a lot of things, and a twenty year old desk assistant has accidentally highlighted some deficiencies in my knowledge of, well lets say matters pertaining to women folk.

    Said assistant saw me looking at a NAAFI thread and asked what is was. After some silly, "it's not for young girls; you might be offended," mumbling, she had a look and laughed. Well, it was the contempt that surprised me.

    I'd thought the NAAFI was pretty cutting edge, bit strong sometimes and occasionally downright offensive but nothing really prepared me for the site she directed me to. It's opened my eyes I can tell you and I'm not sure that I'm a better person for having learned what I've learned. Every single bad experiance you've ever had with a girl, every failure, every alcohol induced ND, (that's negligent or no discharge); it's all there..................... every last one. Oh and the other stuff, well I'm shocked and stunned................. best you delve and discover all on your own............

    the path to enlightenment
  2. I think i'm hooked on my newly found knowledge...

    Some of this stuff is great..
  3. it's bloody good isn't it; I might sign up - some other blokes have. It's just priceless.
  4. Just read the thread

    my uncle felt me up....

    so if your an uncle watch out they may be onto
  5. I would look, but DII obviously thinks that Cosmopolitan is to racy for our fluffy minds!!! :roll:

    And before anyone says "its because its a chatroom..." i know!
  6. Jeezus, You know to be honest, reading about 16 year olds getting pomped by some oke who professes love for her pisses me off, im not a prude don't get me wrong but the girls I know who have fallen into that get moerse heartbreak just so some bliksem can get his rocks off.

    Fokken hell man..
    Mind you some of those stories on there.. wowaweewa :D
  7. Someone posted a link here a few weeks ago to another birds chat site pretty much an eye openr that as well shame I cant remember it though
  8. BrunoNoMedals

    BrunoNoMedals LE Reviewer

    Bunch of scutters.
  9. OK...which one of you is this?

    Posted : Jul 23, 2009 12:09:50 AM
    Subject : Tell us your sex horror stories....

    Once when I was having drunkin sex with an ex, he asked me could he poo in my mouth. He was serious...
  10. There was a member of another forum I frequent who went on Cosmo around May/June, started a thread about womens boobies, and convinced a good proportion of them to post up, and email him pics of their said boobies.

    Lasted 2 days before being blasted by the mods there. Was most amusing
  11. "My worst is with someone i had sex with a few years ago, not only was he quite a large guy he smelt awful, sweat and bad deodarant... not nice.
    what didnt make it any better was the fact we lost the condom when he came out, so i was worried about that. but even more disguisted when a few days later i found it up *there* when i went to the toilet :S "

    Why sleep with a fat bloke who smells of piss then moans about it later? it's your own fault and who leaves a condom inside of her for days on end.
  12. That sort of stuff makes Bigbird seem almost normal............. :wink:
  13. Up where? One wonders. Mind boggling, dirty slapper.
  14. Genuine lol

    Not that I've had the pleasure, as it were...
  15. Glad I'm not the only one that thought 'cavernous c*nt?!'

    As for why she even went there in the first place, God only knows. A fat, sweat stained bloke that smells like the bogs in an old man's boozer at the end of the night goes way above and beyond any call of duty as far as pity shags go.