Super max prisons

About time Boris as announced he his building new prisons with the help of 2 billion pounds and to step up stop and search I hope this is going to be rolled out across the UK knife and gun crime has got way out of hand for years now and this action should be the start of reclaiming back our street's from thug's and scumbags as I have said before if you are not carrying a weapon why would you mind being searched so Boris Johnson get on with it and make sure the new prisons your building are super max ones and well done on announcing that you will be handing out stiffer sentences....

All this should have been done years ago but as the saying goes better late than never!!!!
If you are expecting each post to be a technical masterpiece, then you will be out of luck. Try the Oxford Uni English department website. It is hard enough to get contributors that have a connection with the Army in the first place, and lets face it, your average Squaddie is no Jeff Chaucer. Complaining about someones usage of "Punctuation, spelling, sentences and paragraphs " is redundant. What if the poster is not an English speaker? Do you understand the words? If the answer is yes no problem. If the answer is no, still no problem because this is a forum on the internet, and as such, not at all representative of real life.
Behave. It’s the content that’s shit
Because it's incorrect and looks stupid as f*ck. Always seems to be folk who are 40/50+ that do it, I assume some daft teachers used to teach it as correct in the 80's.

However dingerr, in your case, you can write however the f*ck you like, you've earned it
Being a spaz does not excuse poor English, although I do hope the odd spelung mistake can be forgiven.