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Super Lynx has now been ordered for the forces! HURRAH! I know that the Super Lynx won't exactly be what everybody wants, but it's GOT to be an improvement over the Lynx.

Opinions People!!!
Does it disguise itself in any way? Will it be super lynx all the time, or just called Barry when not being super
drain_sniffer said:
Does it disguise itself in any way? Will it be super lynx all the time, or just called Barry when not being super
Used to call them a few things.

Strangely though, never Barry.
Did anyone else think this thread was about a new improved hygien product?
Ah, chocolate frog, good point. May have a few BO troubled people wondering in here thinking they've found the solution to all there troubles! :)

I know the Lynx had a lot of problems, having worked with them before, but surely this new SUPER lynx has none?

Yeah, right...
Is it a new concept? Is it really an update on the old one?

OR..have the ministry been so astounded at how long the original lynx has managed to keep flying that they have nicknamed it SUPER????
Remember asking some Westlands suit at the MW show in the eighties.

Does it have tri-wings?

Yes? Off to the beer tent.
AF1771, Super Lynx is an updated Lynx. It gets all new avionics, engine upgrades, etc. But sadly it has the same, or very similar, airframe to the original, and as many will agree, it can get poky in the back of a lynx if you try to squeeze eight men into the back!

No idea how it goes with regards flying, but apparently it's done well in trials etc. and it also has been purchased by countries like Oman and Indonesia.
I heard it is a Mk1 lynx with go faster stripes, fluffy dice on the rear view mirror and they've raised the undercarrage. Apparently it has problems getting over speedbumps though. It also has a kicking ICE system.
On a more childish level.......... Can they not make one with skids, they look far cooler than the Mk9 Wheelybins.
Last I heard, the MOD had purchased a load of Chinhooks which were incapable of flying!

Are these still grounded?

If they are perhaps they ought to spend some money getting them into the air - perhaps they could rebrand them as 'Super-Chinhooks'

I wonder if the 'superlynx' will have a tried and trusted avionic system as reliable as FAYDECK?

I am not exactly wetting my pants at anything obtained through MOD procurement!

The same wonderful claims are made about just about every piece of inflated, deadly and inadequate piece of crap obtained!
"A new common undercarriage with improved crashworthiness has been designed"

Anyone around that can tell me what is a common undercarriage with improved crashworthiness.

Would like to have meet the trials team for that !!!!

(Yes I know its common to fleet).

If you read all the stuff on Westland site you would think its already to go so why is it first flight of the Future Lynx will take place in late 2009.
Thats the Brit one, places like indonesia are already further along than this, though im not 100% sure of this, i THINK they already have them and are operating them. THINK.
I think someones getting confused with the order for 70 aircraft from Westlands in the press today.

Super Lynx 300 this is the new (ish) maritime version some are going or with RN now an upgrade to Lynx HAS MK8.

Future Lynx is the one both RN and Army will get in 2014 after test filghts etc in 2009

They are not the same aircraft.

Okay they are the same airframe but that will be the only thing they have in common, apart from some pilots will 7.5 years older if they come into service on time.
Could we have wheels with little skids on?

I think the more crashworthy undercarrage will consist of a pudding mat, signed out from the gym of the unit using said heli, bungeed to the bottom of the cab.

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