Super league playoffs.....Wigan V Bradford

What a cracking start to the playoffs.

Wigan 30 - 6 down at half time to a far superior looking Bradford side, especially in the forwards who literally battered the Wigan side into submission.

Secong half team talk by Noble must have been epic, Wigan came out blazing with their season on the line. Then Bradford coach McNamara makes the decision of the season.......To bring off Solomona and Newton.

Cue the comeback of comebacks........Wigan score 24 unanswered points in the space of 20 minutes. .........The score is even at 30 -30. Then Pat Richards the Wigan full back gets a drop goal.........Sheer class and drama.

Bradford pushed for the last few minutes of the game but knocked on in the last minute giving the game and the most remarkable comeback in recent rugby league history to the Wigan Warriors..........Awesome :D :D :D

Sorry to have to share my utter utter delight here people but am in a very non rugby league environment i.e. wifey and unit............Had to share it somewhere.............get in the cherry and whites!! :D
I just saw the highlights on News24. I was flicking over during the France/Ireland game and thought it had gone away.

Fantastic turnaround by Wigan and I bet Noble had a smile as wide as the Pennines after that.
Cracking fightback. My old Mum (bless her) would have loved it, being a Pemberton girl.
I would like to see a St Helens v Wigan play off final.

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