Super injunctions and twitter

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Chef, May 9, 2011.

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  1. On the news today, someone on twitter has published many names alleged to have taken out super injunctions, much of the info was inaccurate, this set me thinking though.

    Firstly the claim that it's one law for the rich and that the poor can't afford these items. But by definition, the media hardly ever exposes the fact that Cyril Clunge has been having an affair, people who know him may or may not know, and people who don't know him don't care, but if it involved a 'celebrity' then there a loads of people ready to take a prurient interest.

    Secondly, if the existence of injunctions themselves cannot be reported, how do you find out they exist and that you mustn't report their existence? A bit of a catch 22.
  2. Although the press have no problem with Randy major/ vicar etc stories that are purely purient in nature etc etc.
  3. the injunctions are only enforceable in the UK, so a quick trawl of the international press and bobs your uncle
  4. Wasn't one issued last month a worldwide ban? I think the term used was 'contra mundi'.

    But I aggree that they are pretty pointless on an international scale, remember the book 'Spycatcher'? Banned in the UK but freely available elsewhere.
  5. Jemima Khan and Jeremy Clarkson :heart:

  6. although the family courts super injunctions to "protect the children"
    are pretty ******* dodgy talk to your mp and your never see your kids again:(
    etc etc.
    it might be legit but if your making threats like that how legit can it really be?:(
  7. OldSnowy

    OldSnowy LE Moderator Book Reviewer

    Surely not the same Jemima Khan/Goldsmith who was so public in her support of Mr Assange, over the WikiLeaks thing?

    That would be the rankest hypocrisy.........................

    Anyway, anyone got any decent links to non-UK servers that may mentions the names?
  8. Has the MOD ever taken out a 'super injunction'?
  9. PM sent. Feel free to post it on here if it doesn't have any legal repercussions for the site.
  10. As it was with Assange himself claiming the Swedish Police had breached his privacy. 'tis the sport to have the enginer
    hoist with his own petar!
  11. what he said.
  12. My first thought on reading about this was to wonder whether any of the details tweeted were true. Were I in the mood to expose the current legal position as the incoherent mess it is I'd generate a list of spurious accusations based on real injunctions - just mixing the details up. So while an individual may well be entirely truthful stating they have never taken an injunction out for a particular reason, one wonders if they have taken one out for another reason, and who else took one out for that particular reason.

    Hence the truth may well out without the tweeter obviously breaking the law. If so, well played that person.
  13. Why who are they shagging?
  14. Apart from everybody in uniform? :)
  15. No need - just takes those concerned for a quiet walk in the woods :)
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