Super High Intesity Training (SHIT)

Discussion in 'Classified Ads' started by SPUDULIKE, Jan 19, 2002.

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  1. Does anyone else receive loads of this on a daily basis.

    I feel i may be receiving too much SHIT?

    coments :) :) :)
  2. I get plenty too, if any one wants some (Free to a Good Home)
  3. how much is it per kg
  4. CGS

    CGS War Hero Moderator

    You cant put a value on this sort of training, suffice to say, if you do get too much and then want to apply for your premature discharge, they take you to the cleaners!
  5. If you suffer a lot from premature discharge, maybe you will be better off at the cleaners :)At least your clothing will!!
  6. I was brought up on the stuff and swear by it. If it was good enough for me its good enough for ever.
  7. Are we back to premature discharge again Tara?? If there's something you want to discuss, you know it won't go any further ;D
  8. CGS

    CGS War Hero Moderator

    Sadly there is no RAMC board for you to go to with that condition, RSM!

    If you pop into the RLC board, I'm sure those nice Mobile Bath and Laundry boys will help you out though!
  9. The hardest part of removing a problem is accepting that there is a problem and I just want to assure everybody that I do not have a problem. In fact I have never had a problem and am unlikely to ever get one. Even if someone wanted to share a problem I wouldn't take it and would tell whoever it was to pis* off. And I do not have a problem with you people who are insinuating that I have a problem although I think you are a bunch of nosey basta*ds who should mind your own business and stop trying to cause problems.

    Oh and CGS even if I did have a problem, which I don't, then I wouldn't go to the Med Centre. I am quite capable of administering 2 brufen and reporting sick in the morning off my own back.
  10. Took the Brufen and reported sick (wearing Service  dress and with my Small pack containing washing and shaving kit, clean Army skiddies, black daps, red v neck vest and blue shorts), and when I actually saw the MO who apparently is high up in the RAMC cos he had the letters LOCUM  after his name (maybe he has a low sperm count?). Anyway he was a nice chap and only 3 hours late, but he said that I dont have a problem.
  11. Methinks he doth protest too loudly ;D Not easy to say!!
  12. Hey Nugget. You got a Problem with me not having a problem?
  13. Tara, I sense a lot of anger towards nugget, would you like to talk about it with the group?
  14. Oh here we go. The gang mentality. Tara hasnt got a problem but we all have so lets all get at the Tara and try to convince him that He is the one with the problem! Nice try you guys, but you are not helping anybody and certainly not yourselves. Your problems will not go away unless you confront them. Yes you can pretend they do not exist but at the end of the day you are only fooling yourselves. I would like to offer to share your problems but sorry I dont even do partials. Please please please do not enlist the support of others, I will not be hoodwinked into thinking that I have a problem.
  15. Good for you Tara,watch out for the tree-huggin deviants,they will corrupt your mind and then your soul,and just when you think you could go no lower,they will put you on a board of officers so you can confront your demons.!

    I tell you, those blankets are all just sitting on that shelf staring and laughing at you all.

    Nurse? NURSE!!! Time for the tablets methinks.Bah!