Super healthy workout protein drink (tastes like cack but does the job)

Discussion in 'Cookery' started by kaycee80, Oct 25, 2012.

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  1. You need a blender
    pumpkin seeds (bleugh)
    sunflower seeds
    blueberries(fresh is better but frozen is cheaper
    yoghurt(low fat greek)
    small banana (optional but sugar content is higher in this fruit, best stick to the berries)

    mish it all up in the blender, if its too thick too drink then add some milk or freezing cold water

    I freeze it in ice cube trays if i make too much, that way its freezing cold(which helps speed up your metabolism and so burns more fat off your wannabe six pack) and saves making it afterwards.I havent frozen an eggy one yet tho hehe

    Packed with protein and vitamins aswell....if it tastes bad, its good for you lol :hungry:

    And if your worried about consuming raw eggs, the sugar in the fruit will denature the enzymes so its safe
  2. Brotherton Lad

    Brotherton Lad LE Reviewer

    I'll leave this to others far better qualified than I.
  3. Try skimmed milk it's awesome!
  4. Sure thing chunk...thats gross aswell....i make a mean potato gratin lol...i hear all you forces folk get fed crap, is that true...or is that just the navy?
  5. Probably better than shed loads of supplements.
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  6. Why make a shake of things you don't like? Eat the things you do like, why add raw egg if you don't like it, eat scrambled egg instead. If you want fruit and yoghurt eat fruit and yoghurt.
    If you want protein eat food rich in protein.
    Just eat a normal healthy diet, food doesn't have to be made into shakes. If you like milkshakes have milkshakes.
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  7. Brotherton Lad

    Brotherton Lad LE Reviewer

    It's the modern world; why rely on old-fashioned, integrated gear like teeth and stomach acids when you can buy a shiny machine made in a Chinese sweat shop to do stuff for you and also look good on a kitchen work-top?
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  8. I haven't got a blender either.
  9. Brotherton Lad

    Brotherton Lad LE Reviewer

    Wait till all your teeth fall out.
  10. Used to be a racing snake back in the day and took to peanut butter milkshakes to get some weight on me. Worked well for the whole protein load thing for training too. It's just milk, vanilla ice cream, couple of big spoons of smooth peanut butter and a raw egg in a blender. Give it a good whipping and chug it after training. Tastes a lot better than the supplement crap as well.

    Of course now I'm old and grumpy, I prefer a steak and pint of ale. The Savile-bait are welcome to the vile muck called health food.
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  11. I make shakes of things i dont like because they are good for me and during and after a workout i want as much vitamins and protein as i can get....its like a little protein shot to repair my muscles but i dont want too much or i'd look like arnie, er no thanks....and it takes ages to chew seeds properly so rather than take ages to eat all that, i'd make it into shots....and can get back to my workout

    @lardbeast yeah i heard peanut butter is good for this but its nothing something i ever buy, might go get some and try that one :)
  12. I think you need to revise your nutritional knowledge mate. There cannot be more than twenty grams of protein in the recipe even with the egg.

    That's not to say its a bad shake; looks great for antioxidants, omega 3, 6 and nine (the seeds and egg) and would appear to have a decent macronutrient ratio. I would recommend this as a breakfast or snack, not a post workout meal. Look into the peanut butter shake mentioned earlier, you need to increase the caloric load from carbohydrate, double your protein and make sure you have a good amino acid profile.

    Simple supplement free (more time consuming) solution would be; a peanut butter and banana smoothie (good potassium and acceptable protein) followed by a post workout meal like scrambled eggs and smoked salmon.
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  13. There are loads of things that are good for you that taste nice and so it's likely you'd keep eating them and not get bored of this. When people go on a diet for whatever reason if it's not nice they don't stick to it. As my learned friend above rightly states you aren't getting a lot of protein from your home made awful tasting shake anyway.
    Look at this, dead easy to make and loads bette than a takeaway, you'll not believe you bought them before. Look at the lovely protein and carbohydrate.
    BBC - Food - Recipes : Chow mein
    Try this link for some other ideas.
  14. Thanks guys,Yeah your probably right, this may be the reason though...i use creatine supplement in order to build up speed (im kick happy prob shouldve mentioned that) and lean muscle, i dont want to much protein, scared of ending up with bulky legs lol, i like my pins the way they are.

    My diet would normally consist of muesli sprinkled with cinnamon,sunflower seeds and berries of some sort through it for brekkie....shed loads of fish, my fave is smoked salmon and prawns...then either chicken, lean mince, medium rare steak, milk, water, snack on seeds or my greens...particularly spinach.Mostly always use garlic in all the dishes i make ie pasta, sushi also

    I make this steamed egg thing lol, eggs,spinach,prawns,ginger and a wee bit cheese into the rice pot in my steamer, i like it, sometimes have that for brekkie or lunch

    Its a very gritty shake i make...isnt there something like 22g of protein in 100g of sunflower seeds i think, i do eat alot of them, they taste nutty, i like them lol

    I sometimes just drink water with a wee pinch of salt in it during workouts, depending on what i just ate( oh yeah, i put a pinch of salt in that shake too)

    Maybe my shake suits my diet(my bad), isnt it a quite high protein diet

    If not, what should i be doing
  15. Oh yeah, cycling is my mode of transport, love it :)