"Super" Garrisons?

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by healer, Feb 19, 2006.

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  1. Having just come back from London and learning that alot of MoD land is being sold to private investors for luxury flats, a sort of super garrison is going to be formed in London.

    Now, while I understand that most of the Army's buildings are quite old and crumbly and would cost alot to do up again, I'm just thinking that the formation of super garrisons may not be the way.

    Why? With increased tension and perceived threat from unhappy parties, and the fact the bomb has come back into terrorist fashion, if you were going to blow something up to "make a statement" what would you go for? Public buildings of importance, commuter routes (e.g. The Underground) and to my mind, a super garrison with a bulk of that region's forces would pose a tasty target to any disillusioned weirdo.

    Maybe I've just got the wrong end of the stick. Any comments?
  2. C'mon, someone's got to have some sort of opinion?
  3. Healer,

    This is the post ref the Catterick Super Garrison


    I think the plan is to sell off all the land in London to make a tidy sum of money, re-build/re-develop Catterick to make it the capital of England for when the polar ice caps melt and London in under 10 ft of water.

    Well - you did ask!

  4. O great, super garrisons what a good idea. Its not like there's enough squaddie d1cks dotted around the country getting pissed up and fighting every weekend lets just concentrate them all into one part of the country, good idea. Think if I got posted somewhere like that id prolly hang myself.

    Squaddie d1cks and clatty birds, you have to love the Army towns...

  5. Bloody hell Healer,

    3 replies and you can't be arrsed to put a comment yourself - get a fookin move on! :lol:

  6. You sure do. :lol:
  7. Now Healer, Here is the real super garrisons plan...

    - Give the training areas back to the nation as national parks. Salisbury plain - Otterburn - Dartmoor. TRhe Army has looked after them far better than the farmers and so these are really valuable. Swap for agridesert landscapes ruined by interneive farming and EU Farm subsidies.

    - Take over the urban estates they can't give away in horrbiel northern citries + New deal for asylum seekers to act as civpop. Allow Armed forces to police chav ridden estates as practice for sensitive counter insurgency.

    Should satisfy the greens and the Daily Mail readers, New super garrisons will be in the crummier parts opf Newcastle Liverpool Manchester and Glasgow.

    But shuussshh....
  8. Right, Well know I know don't I? ;) It just seemed a bit of bizzare idea to me, but then, what did I know?

    Still seems a bizzare idea tho.
  9. Please tell me no one would actually be in favour of this? There'd be open war on a friday and saturday night. Let's say 90% male to the same 10% clatty, ugly fat slags that actually live in these towns (don't argue you know im right). Ill stand by with the riot shield then...

  10. hmm thats true, it wouldnt be a strategic target, the garrison its self would be self destructing! :)