Super Garrisons in the UK

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Big_Duke_Six, Nov 15, 2006.

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  1. Link to DT: MoD is considering an Army 'super-garrison'

    Quote: "A "super-garrison" of thousands of Army personnel may be created to house British troops when they are brought back from Germany. The Army base would be built at the historic RAF Cosford site in Shropshire, now home to a flight training and engineering college where 2,000 people are employed."

    The Canadians tried this super-garrison thing a few years ago, and we have already started with Merville Barracks in Colchester. "Soulless places" is the phrase that springs to mind. I know that many of the "Army of the West" in Canada were not too happy about moving to Edmonton into a new barracks built on the only runway capable of taking a C-5; and a super-garrsion in the east of the country had the highest suicide rate in the Canadian Armed Forces.

    The problem is that they are more (or should that be less) than just a large collection of barracks like at Catterick or Aldershot. All savings that could be taken are: so Messes all back onto the same kitchen, one cookhouse feeds the entire garrison, one mega-JRC where all sorts of fights can break out every night. However, there are benefits: the gymn should be massive and extremely well-equipped, there will be climbing walls, swimming pool, astro-turf and pelnty of playing fields (provided someone doesn't cut the budget). Everyone will have Z-class accommodation (although whether that's a good thing is another debate).

    It will be interseting to see if what remains of the post-FAS Regimental ethos is adversely affected by this dilution of unit identity. Any Canadian comment from someone who has lived in one?
  2. Didn't the SPAMs have probelms like little ghetto's springing up on these huge 'military towms'?
  3. You mean like Amesbury? :D
  4. Apparantly the 'Amesbury Chavs' are a group of RLC Subbies. I did hear that they 'pimped' up an old Bedford RL.
  5. Bad, bad, bad and bad! Keep it localised to regions and areas to keep control over such massive organisations. Like it's been said, a massive JRC means LOADS of fights. A massive set of Z types means loads of unclean, filth ridden squddies (although there's not much difference now, eh?)

    A super garrison would be a good idea if the right control measures were in place. Garrison some towns that need a financial boost every last weekend of the month! Imagine all those squaddies boosting the revenue of towns around the country! :D
  6. BDS,

    The Super Garrison concept is not just about concentrating everything onto a single site, although there will inevitably be some sites where this might happen.

    SGs are more likely to consist of a central hub (Colchester as an example) that has excellent employment opportunities for dependents, excellent facilities for troops (Merville Barracks), surrounded (within a 30 minute travelling radius) by 2 or 3 smaller stations (Woodbridge, Wattisham and Wimbish perhaps). There will be small trg areas to conduct limited trg and a single large trg area to serve the SG.

    Benefits. Improved stability, employment, and welfare as consecutive postings within the SG, without having to relocate the family, are feasible due to the travelling time radius. Better facilities and integration with the local community.

    Conceptual only and won't happen overnight but things are moving in the right direction.

  7. Being based in Colchester, I have to say that 16 AA Bde seem different they work together so closely that the new Garrison will work well for them.

    Does that mean it would work for other large formations????

    I doubt it, the feeling of Unity within 16 AA Bde is slighty unique within the Forces. However with FAS and the Amalgamtions perhaps larger garrisons will work.

    We must remember though that at least the soldiers are getting good accomadation and food and reduced guard duties in line with the operational tempo. This must be a good thing.
  8. Ok I'm a Civvy (ignore anything from here on if you want) but risks are risks. I keep hearing this stuff over and over again. Isn't the Army a "strategic asset" any more. Eggs and baskets, boys and girls, eggs and baskets. Lets put all out assets in one place and let, say, The Salmon Mousse ( obscure? ) effect take over.
    The RAF talk about putting all their fighters on one base(both of them). Nice! One base. One lot of admin. One chuffing target. Quality thinking that.
    There is something to be said for economy of scale but FFS bigger picture.
    There's bad people out there and I know some of you are on the receiving end but please don't line up against the wall and wait for the b*ggers.

    Take care out there :)
  9. They would be better putting bases in each county regiments home and then the wives would have the support of their in-laws and mums/dads/sisters etc. This would help recruitment and retention and get more public support for the troops.
  10. I agree, stability is what the troops want, we all accept that we get deployed on operations. If the families had more stability then we wouldnt moan about being deployed as much.
  11. All of the options listed above are commendable and would certainly garner support from both the forces and the public. Unfortunately, and here's the rub, they won't stand up to financial scrutiny.

    Stand by your beds for the Defence Training Review, which will see a huge shift in our training organisations towards centralised defence sites which will be operated by a contrator. In the frame for the chop are Regt HQ locations (remember, a great deal of RHQs occupy real estate wihtin their capbadge specific training sites) and a whole raft of other training related facilites.

    Potential sites for these training sites are still commercially confidential, but should become clear by the beginning of December.

    The reason for all of this? Money, of course.

    Have a search for Defence Training review - there's plenty of stuff out there.
  12. way things are going a few sheds from b and q and a garage job done :twisted:
  13. It will all end in tears.
  14. I hope tears is the worst of the damage these beancounters will cause. Hypothetically, if someone made a press announcement that all my enemy and their families had been concentrated into a certain location along with their families I'd be bouncing off the walls with joy.

    One bimbo with the clap could cause even more of a ruckus than normal :(