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Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by roninxix, Dec 19, 2012.

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  1. I once woke up behind a vending machine at Waterloo train station after a heavy night out and forgetting to get off at my stop. I enjoyed my McDonalds for breakfast though.
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  2. I worked with a bloke once who came from the somewhere in the sticks. He enjoyed a bit of a shant but was in the habit of falling asleep on the train home and missing his stop.

    On one particular occasion he woke up with a start to see the sign 'North Welwyn' (Herts for those who don't know) outside his carriage window. He piled out of the train in a blind panic thinking that he'd managed to sleep through into Wales.
  3. TheresaMay

    TheresaMay LE Moderator DirtyBAT

    My habit of forgetting to lock the door on my bunk has gotten me into strange situations on more than one occasion it would seem...

    I recall I was staying at the old Mess in Arborfield on a 10 week course, and on one of the nights in question, I recall being woken up by a stranger in my temporary accom. Not exactly sure what time it was - but all I remember was some drunk prick sitting on my bed which woke me up - which then proceeded into a full on argument as to "what the fuck I was doing in his bed?"

    After several examples of 'proof' i.e. none of his possessions in the room, him being drunk, me being sober etc - he finally came to the realisation that this was in fact, his old room and he was in fact, also back on a short course and had a room in the same corridor one floor up.

    Saw him the next day - fair do's - he apologised. My bunk stayed locked for the rest of the course too.
  4. I once got shit faced in Hohne, slept walked and woke up in camp centre in my boxer shorts at 5 in the morning. (and no I hadn't been Savilled!) Then spent the next 45 minutes running round trying to find the transit block I was staying in. Sorted my hangover out though. (and no I didn't get Savilled on the way!)
  5. So when did you get Savilled?
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  6. he doesnt remember, he was in a coma
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  7. I once - after a heavy four day sesh - woke up in Lille in the French Foreign Legion. I got four days close arrest followed by 21 days in unit nick; my mate got 28 days in Colly (he'd been AWOL previously).

    I once woke up in Switzerland too, that was a bit of a shock since last I knew, I was in the French Alps!

    I'm now in A.A. and I'm four years sober.

    Thank you for letting me share.
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  8. One night in '83 in Portsmouth, after leaving Nero's or Grannie's nightclub (I forget, theres been so many) and failing to pull a nurse due to drunkeness. I was woken up after falling asleep in the bogs by the bouncers.
    Stumbling back to Portsmouth and Southsea station, wearing just a short sleeve black and white checked shirt with pernod and black puke all down the front.
    Feeling very concious of my messy shirt and a bit cold, I squeezed into someones basement flat through an open vertically hinged window and nicked a beach towl. Then slept over the road from the station between the raised planters, under the towl whilst evading the shore patrol.
  9. I once was accussed of being a doity b'stard by shiting all allong the barrack block corridor down to the bogs at the end of the corridor. Apparently, whoever did it, left dollops os shite up the corridor wall. I cannot remember if was me or not....I was too brahms and lizt to remember. So to keep the peace, I cleaned down the corridor walls and floor just to be on the safe side, and desperately hoping that none of my drunk colleagues stepped in the shite on their travels to and from the bogs in the night.

    I honestly cannot remember me doing this, it still haunts me 38 years on.........

    I've been in AA for 23 years now.... and I really am a boring old fart...!!
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  10. First time in Medicine Hat was an eyeopener, first night even, didn't drink too much but i think the heat got to me ( my excuse anyway).

    Started off playing pool in a bar and got chatting to some of the local ladies, sacked that because they were mingers so was on the look for some decent talent and ended up in a strip club, which we eventually got kicked out (for heating dollar coins up) then moved on to the 'hooters' bar, music was good and the women were of acceptable standards.

    Don't remember much after that, I woke up in some trailer park somewhere next to a woman i had no recollection of ? Some dirty tramp had shat on the floor so . . . .(time for a sharper than sharp exit) With just a couple of dollars to my name, I invested in a macdonalds for what i thought would be breakfast until i realised i'd actually missed a whole day, and proceeded to the nearest cop shop to hand myself in.(AWOL)

    I'd say it was a hell of an experience, sometimes a good beasting and shit jobs are well earned.

    Yeah was probably me and not the first time.
  11. Everyone's been a victim of "The Monkey", have they not?
  12. Got seperated from my mates coming back to the UK on the north sea ferry (The Norland) when we were all totally rat arsed,
    i woke up in the toilet of a cabin in the bowels of the ship feeling like death on a stick, gingerly made my way up top to the fresh air.
    Thank ferk for that i thought we have not docked yet! ferking had we were on the way back to Europa.
  13. AAGF


    Took him another three weekends of repeat (ever-hopeful) performance ...
  14. Not that it's happened to me.

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