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Very cadetty question but my friends and I (ooo how very posh english) are looking for some cheap kit. I remember a shop somewhere that had bergans for about £10 but you had to make a minimum order of £100. I can't find the website anywhere though, has anyone got any idea?
booty_cadet said:
unfortunatly I'm an idiot, what does trade only mean?
As in "rough trade" they only sell to rent boys!

Oo 'ark at 'er! :wink:
barnezy349 said: All grade 2 kit but i just got 40 of the other arms bergens for 'other activites' at fiver each. Grade 2 on the website maybe, but these were definetly super grade.
excellent site. got a few bits and bobs from there. excellent kit, and definately not the usual grade 2!
Looks like someone has emptied a Regimental G10 to obtain that lot!

They're selling 12x12's FFS...
awful pun! hehe.
spike7451 said:
booty_cadet said:
Onetap said:
They have second hand parachutes for sale (no strings attached).
Sold out! Who would by them?

spike7451 said:
5.56....Come on DOWN!
Why do you think I put this is a very cadetty question on the first post?
English please? Your sentence does'nt make any sense.
Nevermind, crap joke

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