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Discussion in 'Royal Signals' started by partick, Feb 18, 2007.

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  1. would love to hear from the finest bearers of pet rocks under boss man ricks allegiance. the days when the troops from the singlies block brought the couches out for the occasion :numberone: s! very happy days indeed!
  2. i have a feeling we may have crossed paths, a fine time we had at krefeld, do you remember the lad who hung a scotland flag from the star tower, rick went mental as they were playing the jocks. Said lad now out but still in touch with him, seen your post on 232 bar i have heard that your partner in the bar has since re-enlisted. being trying to rack ma brains as to who you are but i cant remember any partick fans, but it may come to me, unless your id has nothing to do with the team of course
  3. that was a laugh with the flag! one of many in my time there. i played for the football team, and if u frequented the naafi bar, then u must know me... i was never out it! and yup partick is my team.
  4. Good times indeed! Mad Rick got out as a Lt Col 2 years ago. I played for said team from 93-98. Feel free to drop me an e-mail for a chat
  5. Who remembers Mad Rick getting sent off in front of the whole regiment along with our star midfielder in an Army Cup game?
  6. I seem to recall our keeper also got sent off that game!
  7. We played Mad Ricks team in 2003 in a Minor Units semi final in Salisbury beating them 3-1. He wasn't very happy, but did remember me and wished us luck in the final. We lost to ATR Bassingbourn 2-1!
  8. I played in that game at aldershot. I remember because I lifted the trophy!
  9. Did you by any chance marry the clerk from 7 Sigs LAD?
  10. Might have done fancy dropping me a PM?
  11. Sorry a bit slow being a combat trade, you're a thicknition aren't you?
  12. Might be? Do you have something against us? I hear the combat trades are a dying breed these days!
  13. Still cuttin about mate don't think you'll get rid of us that easy!
  14. How did you manage to get Cyprus??
  15. Ways and means my friend, ways and means!