SUPER 14 or what

Discussion in 'Sports, Adventure Training and Events' started by bipolar, Feb 14, 2010.

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  1. Had the chance to catch up with the Super 14 before the England game today and although it pains me to say it, it was like watching Champions League followed by conference.
    I know the rules have been tampered with at the behest of TV no doubt, but Super 14 provides endless exciting extremely skillful running rugby where even a hooker plays and runs like a blindside flanker. England were unfortunately same old same old one dimentional, predicable and slow. At least the Italians tried to run the ball.
    The Crusaders with Dan Carter are this years favourites followed by the big spending Brumbies.
    Personally I like the look of the Hurricanes and Bulls, both at 6-1.
    Might have a few quid on them.
    Who would be your pick?
  2. Stormers, i reckon.
  3. Reds.

    Heart ruling head, or what :D
  4. Crusaders I think.

    Saw the highlights of the Cheetahs / Bulls match. Awesome! Something like 85 points scored!
  5. End of week 2 and some awsome running rugby. Chuffed my 2 teams are doing well, pleased I put some dosh on the pair of them.
    Following martin johnson's views on winning is all that matters no doubt this weekends six nations won't come anywhere close to this much entertainment.
  6. They've just beaten the Crusaders. :D
  7. Living in west aussie it has to be the Force!