I have been doing the job 1 rank up from my substansive rank. I received SUPA from the CO for the first 6 months. All done and dusted. I then carried on with the job for a further 6 months and received authority from Glasgow to carryon receiving SUPA.
I then had to apply for a 3rd term of SUPA, OC,CO and Glasgow all signed off on it. It then went to DMA at Upavon for the rubber stamp. BUT it was turned down because they (not sure who yet) had done a deal and moved the PID that I was getting paid for to another Inf unit about 200 miles away and it was being filled by someone from within that unit.
I only found this out when I called Glasgow to find out where my extra pay was. I went to my CoC, my Plt Comd and OC knew nothing of this PID movement, hence why I was allowed to carry on assuming the duties.

Question is where do I stand. I think I'm going to get naff all or SUPA up until the day the PID was moved. Do I have any comeback as they got me to carry on with the job under false pretences?
My unit wouldn't even consider the fact that it would be easier to give me local rank while I was doing the job either. Seems I have been screwed over right royaly
Unfortunately Local Rank would not give you any extra money, you would need at least Acting Rank for that, however to be promoted you need a PID to be promoted into, and it looks like it has gone to someone else.

This leads to the question, why are you still there if there is no PID ?
Sorry I meant acting rank.
As for the PID. There is my PID and the other PID. To get the pay I was moved into the other PID being that of a higher rank to justify the SUPA. My PID was then empty/gapped so to speak. But they have moved the higher PID elsewhere, I presume they have moved me back to my PID without telling anyone about the movement.
So I thought my pay was taking a while because the bloke at DMA was on sick leave, didn't worry to much as it would then come as a lump sum. Which would be nice. So if it all goes tits up like I think it will do I'll not be paid the 1K before tax for a job that I did for 6 months.
A year and a half is more than a fair crack of the whip on SUPA. Best you get yourself qualified for promotion, and get paid for the job properly/as of right.

The point is that SUPA is only supposed to be a stop gap while you get qualified, or a qualified person gets in. If you were truely up to the job, and given 1 year and a half, you'd probably complete a qualifying course and promote... The only exceptions that I've heard of and used are when: someone is delayed attending a promotional course due to ops; and when someone cannot attend a qualifying course due to (operational) injury for a limited period, ie both of the guys I'm thinking of where effectively working as Cpl Section Commanders despite being LCpls and were paid SUPA for 12 months, or thereabouts, because we didn't want to rush them through SCBC until their op injury rehab was complete.

In both cases, 18 months would have been kicking the hoop out of it, although I acknowledge that you may have special circumstances?!

I am qualified for the next rank and have been for some time. Before the SUPA started. The problem lies in that I am from a Corps and the job I was doing was an Inf PID. The bloke was away doing other stuff so I covered his job. He then left so I took on his PID. A review was done and said that because I'd been doing his job for 2 1/2 yrs we didn't need him back so we could gap his post. But that my PID should increase by 1 rank to compensate the loss of the other rank. All are at SNCO level by the way. The review went up to the CO who agreed it ad then passed it up to Bde level for rubber stamping.
I had asked for acting rank from the outset but at the time we had no OC and it fell on deaf ears.

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