SUPA,how to get the correct pay when your MCM desk won't help!

I am a R.sigs low pay band staffy currently been authorised for SUPA for the past 12 months,6 by chain of cmd,6 by DMA. However I have not received a penny as my HR need to get it right. All R.sigs WO2 are high band so it is mine and my HR's understanding that my SUPA should reflect that however there does not seem to be a simple way to get it on the system.The system will only allow them to give me low band pay.The desk at MCM will not change my employment status to RD which I am led to believe is the only way to get paid correctly and we now have to submit casework up to Glasgow.
Surely this is pure **** stupidity??? others in my Corp have had to submit Casefiles to get the correct pay when acting on Ops,because of the same reason.

They always get the right pay in the end but have to jump through lots of hurdles to get it,the reason MCM give is that RD are WO2 already promoted,however there are cpl,sgt and staffy RD posts within the what a load of tripe!

I have posted this question in the pay forum as well ,but hopefully someone within the Corp can point me in the right direction!!!!
Any help or advice would be greatly appreciated.
Are you in an RD appointment? the now rescinded PD10 stated all WOs' in trade (not selected for RD or holding supervisory) were to be low band pay.

I know I went through similar dramas when I promoted to the RD roster when JPA came online with multiple letters to JPAC from the
Adjutant showing a change of trade to Regimental Duties to get moved on to high band. APC did not move fast but it was a nice chunk of back pay when it came through!

The RD posts you refer to at lower ranks are E2 and not classed as RD.

Good luck with it chap!
Why have you posted this here as well as in RHQ?
I was in hope that other Corp members who may have been in a similar situation could help if the pay gurus were unable,the casework i have had to file was based on previous casework for another guy from my Corp going through the same situation.

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