SUPA,how to get the correct pay when your MCM desk won't help!

Discussion in 'Army Pay, Claims & JPA' started by arsebiskits, Oct 26, 2010.

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  1. I am a R.sigs low pay band staffy currently been authorised for SUPA for the past 12 months,6 by chain of cmd,6 by DMA. However I have not received a penny as my HR need to get it right. All R.sigs WO2 are high band so it is mine and my HR's understanding that my SUPA should reflect that however there does not seem to be a simple way to get it on the system.The system will only allow them to give me low band pay.The desk at MCM will not change my employment status to RD which I am led to believe is the only way and we now have to submit casework up to Glasgow.
    Surely this is pure **** stupidity??? others in my Corp have had to submit Casefiles to get the correct pay when acting on Ops,because of the same reason.
    Any help or advice would be greatly appreciated.
  2. No casework should be required, all you need is a change of main trade for pay form completed on JPA. That's all I had to do for people in the same boat as you, but that was a manual form at that point in time. That was for a TSS SSgt to get WO2 RD on ops
  3. I am also a TSS but as its for SUPA the only thing my HR have been able to come up with is to submit casework to PACC,they have been unable to change the trade pay on the system..unless there is a button that they havent spotted???My desk wont change it ...
  4. Unit HR can change your MTFP thought the manual form has now been replaced. To do this they should go into JPA select the Unit HR Administrator role and then select (surprise, surprise) Change Main Trade for Pay. Though if all R Sigs trades are higher band I wouldn't have thought this would be necessary.
  5. Had this problem on ops for a SSgt DLS serving in an A/WO2 PID for 6 months - he went up one level of pay rather than transferring pay spine to RD. We eventually got it sorted by changing his MTFP but only after much faffing and denials at APC.

    Bottom line = exhaust all options at unit level, and if not satisfied put in a service complaint to SO1 R SIGNALS Sldr wing keeping your CofC informed.

    And MCM Div changed their title years ago - now R SIGNALS Soldier Wing.
  6. I'm a little unfamiliar with R Sigs trade structure so excuse me if I get this wrong but only the trades in R Sigs group 1A or Regimental duty exist at WO2 or WO1 (Annex B to Chap 2 to sect 3 of JSP 754), therefore if you are in a group 1B or Group 2 trade as a SSgt I would suggest your unit HR admin should process a change of MTFP to Regimental Duty with an effective date of the start of your SUPA and so you receive pay at the higher band during your SUPA period.

    If this is the case you should also remind them to change you back to your original trade at the end of your SUPA period to move you back onto the lower band.
  7. Tell me about DMA being unhelpful. I recieved SUPA for 6 months from CO, a further 6 months from records/DMA. When my OC applied for the next 6 months I was told it had been refused by DMA because they can't pay an RE Sgt to do an Inf CSgt PID. It matters not that they have paid me for the same job for the previous 12 months.
    Records even have me down in the Inf PID and the RE PID as gapped on the spreadsheet they sent to my unit last month.
  8. All low band at staffy level ,and my trade is low band the whole way until WO2,when we are all in the RD boat unless in a supervisory post.
    The "Change Main Trade for Pay" button may be eluding them and I think that is what is causing the issue but shall look into that today ,thank you kindly.
  9. For the main yes you are correct, RD is WO2 and WO1 but in the Corp we have another dozen slots listed under RD in other Ranks cpl-ssgt and the MTFP seems to be only something that can be changed at Glasgow..? that has been my understanding and hence why I am 10 months down the line and not a penny to show.I will get on to my HR tday and see if this route has been tried ,many thanks for the advice.
  10. If they are missing the Change MTFP link it may be due to their JPA access level and they should forward it via your RAO to MS as necessary.
  11. Just spoke to my HR ,they have the right JPA access to change MTFP and can process it ,however my desk at Glasgow have instructed them not to due to the fact that I have not been actually promoted to WO2,(even though there is no stipulation for this within the JSP,regards to SUPA) if my HR had not contacted Glasgow and gone ahead there would have been no problem.
    So casework has now been filed to JPACC to force their hand.This has apparently happened every time anyone in my Corp of the same rank in the same/similar situation has had to do which I find totally shocking
  12. Sounds like letter to soldier mag time.
  13. Rather than going direct to the Complaints Commissioner, get hold of the JSP for Service Complaints. Submit a SC, your OC or Adjutant can help you initially but you should have an Assisting Officer as well. Your CO is legally required to investigate and respond within 28 days-I think it's 28, haven't got a copy to hand. This system works very well as the first thing that happens is a Case Worker is assigned at PS2(A). Everything is done correctly and you should get it sorted. I was owed nearly £3k of backpay a couple of years ago. The flash to bang from submitting my SC to 'the money has been payed to your account' was hours rather than days! Good luck