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Discussion in 'RLC' started by General Melchett, May 15, 2005.

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  1. General Melchett

    General Melchett LE Moderator

    Well, you'll be as one soon.
  2. i will always be a sup con. **** this new trade shit.
  3. Always be a Sup Con PRIVATE more like.

    My 5 year old Nephew spells better than you. Do yourself a BIG favour and get yourself down to the Education centre. Prostrate yourself at their feet and beg to be 'shown the light'.

    It's no fun watching all the people you joined with shoot past you on the career ladder..........

  4. *Handbag*
  5. Just read some of SupConGuru's other posts, take bomb doctors advice!!! As your spelling genius is unsurpassed!!! No it is honest!!!
  6. don't worry guys i am not going to be posting on this forum any more. i though this was a place for chaps the the RLC to come and chat about life.

    but instead i got abuse for the fact that i can't spell or write that well. such is life for a dysleix solider.

    i am glad i don't treat any of my PTE's Or LCpls they whey that i have been treated on this Forum.

    See ya all later.
  7. Don't worry guys, I am not going to be posting on this forum any more. I thought this was a place for chaps from the RLC to come and chat about life.

    Instead I was abused for the fact that I can't spell or write very well. Such is life for a dyslexic soldier.

    I am glad that I don't treat any of my Ptes or LCpls the way that I have been treated on this forum.

    See you all later.

    :D :wink:
  8. see my point
  9. I was only messing, I am dyslexic myself, but I have learnt to deal with it to the point where I now only make obvious slips when I am handwriting (especially if tired or drunk).

    My best advice is to go and see your local Education Centre for help and get a good spellchecker to use on the internet.

  10. General Melchett

    General Melchett LE Moderator

    Hey SCG.

    Ignore them, they will leave you alone eventually.

    If you give up now then they have won, unless of course you are a quiter?
  11. ok i might just stay as i am no qiter
  12. General Melchett

    General Melchett LE Moderator

  13. Bomb Doctor, Why for, To thick to be a monkey but still want to play with a blue light. Maybe you think your to posh to stack blankets, so you pass the time polishing bullets.

    Shall we take this to the NAAFI :)

  14. Alas...... your argument falters at the first post.

    I spent 3 years stacking blankets, making brews, stagging on and being shat on before elevating myself (a la Sharpe). How posh can one be with a Comprehensive school education?

    As for the blue light? Again, alas, there were no blue lights.... but maybe a few red ones in the nice German city back streets I visited. Not every Bomb Doctor gets to rush around with blue lights you know......

    The only time I've ever seen an RMP using his blues and two's was when he was late for NAAFI break.

    And at least my comprehensive school education taught me the difference between TO and TOO and YOUR and YOU'RE.

    Too thick to be a monkey? Probably................. They're all Rocket Scientists in their spare time..... Unfortunately, we do it for a full time job.


  15. SCG - You had me crying into my cornflakes with this one...

    Hopefully you have a bit more charisma when dealing with your subordinates, or do they think you're a dullard too?

    OK, your spelling is pants.... What are you doing to counter the problem? Please tell me you're seeking help, taking extra English lessons? Do you know where the Education Centre is? How about cutting and pasting your posts into Word before submitting them like I suggested to you a few days ago? Or do you secretly like the attention you're getting?

    Don't whinge and whine on here....... it's not the place. You sound more like an attention seeking Walt every minute. Even some of your other posts are without spelling mistakes............... are you only dyslexic part time?

    Get a grip, take the advice offered to you. It is offered with the best intentions although you might not think so.

    If not, please leaf us alown