Sup Con pay ?

I was a sup con and was on higher pay band as a L/Cpl i was then promoted and went on to lower pay band as a supplier Cpl when the trades emalgemated. Ive been told today that this should not have happened as the lower pay band for ex sup cons does not come into effect until Apr 09 can anyone shed any light on this for me? who should i speak to about it? the reason I ask is Ive now been promoted to sergeant but have to start on level one where as lads that i got promoted through the ranks with are now level three
Go and see your unit HR staff as they will have the answers or alternatively ring up JPAC and speak to them!!!!!!

RCMO should be able to tell you about the grandad pay rights ref your trade almagamation.

I was not quite clear enough sorry I had already spoke to my unit HR they directed me to JPAC who told me it was 6 months before they took over and they could not see how they could help me anyway but alas i spoke to the RCMO today and im rich rich beyond my widest dreams (until the end of said month my back pay gets payed)

Good for you lad. Now go out and spend some of that hard earned back pay on a big bag of full stops. :D
Great one, I am in the same boat as you but I am attached the engineers which is causing some dramas getting it sorted. I have explained it to the clerk who deals with pay and he now understands it and has had to pass it onto the tiger team in hope of an answer. How long did you have to wait for an answer on yours? I too lost mine at lcpl to cpl level in Aug 06, and have ust picked up my Sgt so it should be quite a difference.
Any help you can give will be greatly appreciated.
Don't bank on keeping your third long stormer, you're too thick to pass CLM.

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