Discussion in 'OTC and ACF' started by SONIC, Jan 19, 2004.

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  1. Removed.
  2. might help if you tell yer mates about the site first, then again if you tell yer mates you've probably already heard the gossip! :wink:

    Nice to see another UOTC starting a thread though... good work fella!
  3. Oh come on! Lets get our own thread going, we can't let these LUOTC wasters steal all our glory. Come on the SU!!!
  4. Unknown_Quantity

    Unknown_Quantity War Hero Moderator

    Which begs the question, are there any people from Leeds OTC here?
  6. what are liverpool otc known as?
  7. Thieves.
    You think I'm lying. Minley 03. Scouse gits ran off with our flag. Opportunist basta*ds.
  8. I know that you not! but what i meant was what letters do they use if leeds are luotc and london are ulotc?
  9. Does it matter? They are easily identifiable by the random berets, cap badges and stable belts stolen from other units, and their tendency to leave any car they come across on bricks.
    PS I actually don't know what letters they use.
  10. Dont they all have black curly hair, and wear kappa tracksuits? They also have two locals, firstly the benefits officew, and secondly the local pub where they spend all their hard earned benefits?
  11. It is LUOTC by the way Fauna, I don't know what that makes Leeds though!
  12. filthy northeners? ;)
  13. Don't get started on northerners again. And where I come from, folk from Leeds are southerners, it's all relative.
    Anyway, Leeds are also LUOTC. I've checked the websites. I know I'm a loser.
  14. a northerner and a loser, what a coincidence ;)
  15. ha! least I'm honest.