Sunset Calls, MOTH or not.


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Also posted in the wider Arrse ( no not a Poerra meisie,) here's the SASFA tribute to Trevor Floyd:

Tribute to an ICON departed

WO1 Trevor Ian Floyd was one of the Dirty Dozen. They were the men chosen to be the incumbents of the first SA Special Forces operator posts.

Sadly, "Oom" (uncle) Trevor Floyd passed away on 11 June 2020 at the age of 78 years old. A senior officer once said that "Oom" was a higher rank than General. It conveys a level of respect beyond explanation here.

His funeral was attended by many over the world through a digital transmission of the service.

We will not hear Oom Trevor's laugh again. Nor will we listen to him telling from his vast arsenal of stories and anecdotes, flowing without effort to entertain all and sundry.

But rest assured, his stories will live on. It will carry his legacy every time someone has a smile on their face upon learning of the exploits of him and his fellows. Nothing remained sacred if fun was to be had with humour as the result, including himself!

He loved 32 Battalion, the Parabats and of course the Recces and all their accomplishments.

As the Old Bill at his local MOTH club, he was an active member and loved to attend SASFA functions. Here he would often become a small center of attraction as the stories flowed.

Lists of numbers and citations are not required to sing the praise of this legend of the SA Special Forces.

Oom Trevor, you will live on in our fond memories and we appreciate the privilege to have experienced you in our lives.

We raise our right hands in a salute to you!
We fear naught but God.

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It's with great sadness that I must inform you that our Brother Jean Louis Maximilian Winand, aka Le Frog, has answered the Sunset Call.

Rest in Peace Frenchie.
We will miss you Brother.

Jean Louis Maximilian Winand, aka Le Frog  #001.jpg
Sad to hear. Like most SADF, not struggling under the weight of a lot of gongs. Well accomplished Israeli bods in the same boat. Just don't seem to be an issue for some reason.

Hamba Gahle, Boet.

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