Sunrise at Hereford Boathouse (Mick Lacey)

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by caubeen, Mar 16, 2007.

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  1. Search engines throw up strange things - including this artistically-taken photo on a BBC (Oxfordshire) web page, entitled "Sunrise at Hereford Boathouse", by Mick Lacey.

    Was/is this photographer one of THEM?

    Tantalisingly, the photo does not reveal the colour of the boathouse . . . . Hmmm.
  2. ..A source tells me it is a kind of muddy brown, due to it being flooded.. :thumright:
  3. Belmont Abbey school used to have a boathouse in Hereford their colours were brown, cream and blue - not quite SAS, but in the same town;-)
    somehow I don't think that De Niro's character was thinking of this though!
  4. It's heliotrope.

    'Cause Flabby McAndrew told me.
  5. ah ... it follows the sun then? and the colour is ****** (deleted - opsec)
    mind you, Flabby ought to know though did he do much boasting from there?
  6. My sister was head cook at Belmont Abbey School in the late 60s.

    Dull, but true.
  7. I think I may have spotted a slight problem...

    That photo is on BBC Oxford. And I rather think that it's of a bit of the Thames/Isis known as 'the Gut'. And if my suspicion's correct, it means that the photo's been taken from Hertford - as in Hertford College, Oxford - boat house, not Hereford....
  8. I think you could be right Archi. At first i thought it was taken from the slipway of Hereford rowing club on the river Wye but if it had been then you would be able to see the old railway bridge upstream as that would be the way you would be facing. I do know that my old school kept its boats at the rowing club and i seem to remember that the Regt kept there boats there as well, although not in the same building,i think, if memory serves, they were kept next door in an old but secure nissen hut type building.
  9. Quite inclined to agree with Arch.. as I would beg the question - why is the picture in an oxfordshire website..? As hereford is in the county of... yes herefordshire, where i was born.... gods country!!!!!!!! Yes I am pointy head as what blades would call me..... but i still do my bit for queen and country
  10. It IS Hertford College's boathouse, Archie! Proceed directly to Intelligence HQ.
  11. Having nearly sunk two boats in that stretch of river (don't ask...), I thought it looked a tad familiar...
  12. Mind you, Flabby is a bit of a punt.
  13. Good spot though I know for definite that the Herford Boathouse is yellow.