Sunny Italy

My wife spotted a deal with Thomson for flights to Naples....... starting at £58 from Newcastle to Naples, on 18th of October

We'd planned to go last spring but the gouging buggers were asking £400pp so we're going in the autumn instead.

Naples itself has some wonderful sights, or you could go on to Sorrento, Ischia etc

I know Naples has had a bad reputation, but stay in the right area and it is the most exciting vibrant city we've ever visited, and using the public transport sensibly, it's easy to get around.

If any of you want a few pointers, I'll write some info.


I lived and worked on the Adriatic cost for 2 years from just below Venice to Ortona, with a few months in Sicily, and preferred it to the other side.
Just booked the digs, for a grand total of £290 each, including flights, we've got a week in a slightly scruffy 17c palazzo, original mirrors and ornate plasterwork etc.

It's on the street which separates the original Greek, then Roman areas, from the Spanish Quarter...... so much history, I don't think you can see anywhere else in the world, treasures from Greece and Rome, Egypt, a medieval metal worker's quarter, Renaissance palaces and works of art.

It's the most untouristy city in Europe, but the most vibrant...... our host last year said a little apologetically, that not everyone "Gets" Naples, but we told him that we saw past the bad parts and loved the city, it is crowded, but it's the only way that could work, by having a crazy traffic system, where no one ever stops, but people rarely get hurt more than our regulated system, they all know the unwritten rules.

And the food....... it's home grown, organic, delicious and cheap.

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