sunny falklands

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by Ron_Manager, Feb 27, 2009.

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  1. guys and girls

    got a nice 19hr flight doon sarf in october

    any suggestions on what to take and whats it like?

    and aware i may need prawn!

  2. Don't know why you'd need that mate - There should be loads of seafood in that part of the world.

    Personally, I'd take a shit load of Porn.
  3. tiffy...i think we are singing from the same hymn sheet! :p
  4. Warm kit, remember their sesons are arrse around t*t to the Uk's. Having said that, you'll get all weather types no matter when you go!
  5. Mine tape ... oh, sorry, the Glenfiddich's making me cranky ...

    ... seriously, what he said, it can be cold and it never seems to stop blowing, sometimes it'll cut through you like a knife if you're not properly layered.
  6. The_Duke

    The_Duke LE Moderator

    A spare liver and dialysis machine.
  7. The ability to write inane piontless blueies/letters to loved one's just so they can be assured you're not dead from alcohol abuse.

    Do all the battlefield tours (If they're still going?), get to Stanley, get out to the Bennies (Locals) for R'n'R (if you're there that long) as it's a real taste of Falkland life.

    Take extra PT kit as you'll mostly (and event the fatties would agree) spend most of your spare time on the lash or in the gym etc.

    Several extra memory cards for the camera so you can send them back to the loved one's in the post rather than email etc.
  8. Go there with the attitude to enjoy the experience and you will have a great tour. You have a summer tour although the summer is short lived down south, best months being December and January. That's not to say that you won't get some miserable weather ... you can still end up with four seasons in a day even when it starts with brilliant sunshine. No matter what the weather the summer is the best opportunity to see wildlife including five types of penguin, elephant seals, fur seals, sealions, dolphin, porpoise and countless types of birds, some of them extremely rare. Whale sightings are frequent. As said, the weather can be extremely changeable and the terrain can be bleak but go there to enjoy it.

    Sign up for any trip you can get on when you have days off. Visit Goose Green and Darwin, try to get to Volunteer point and see the King penguins. Get yourself on a day trip to Sealion Island and if you qualify for R&R I recommend either Pebble, Saunders or Carcass Islands ... if you go to Saunders then spend a night at the cabin on the Neck. Try and get to the West and visit Fox Bay or Port Howard. Visit Stanley and make sure you go to the museum before going on the lash. If your on a short tour then make sure you start booking trips early or before you know it you will just be on the plane home in a drunken stupour!

    Take good windproof/waterproof clothing, boots and a selection of warm gear. make sure you have good quality sun screen ... on a good day the sun can be fierce and cause you serious problems in 20 minutes. Take a good camera with a big memory card.

    Stay out of my fcuking minefields ... a photo isn't worth a £1000 fine and/or 12 months in nick ... or a missing limb!

    Edited to add: Do you dive???
  9. Learn the lingo and ffs take a wankin mit - it gets cold down there !
    Learn recipe for Penguin Pie.
    Take condoms - Penguins are dirty...

  10. msr

    msr LE

    In the TA forum?

    I thought he was going for annual camp...
  11. Thought he might be going on a tour on a short term engagement ... my apologies if it's only for a TA camp ... I have obvioulsy listed the impossible wish list :oops:
  12. when I was there i pulled a smart bird

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  13. copepod

    copepod Old-Salt Book Reviewer

    Four types of penguins at Volunteer Point. Humans aren't supposed to get too close to the penguins - but the penguins don't understand the rules, and I saw one King penguin chick (about 18 inches tall, brown fluffy thing) jump onto the back of a tourist who was lying down to take a photo - eventually, the human had to roll over to persuade the chick to hop off! Magellenic penguins down burrows (we prodded every single one to discover numbers of occupied burrows and how many had eggs or chicks).
    Commerson's Dolphins at Bertha's Beach, east of the naval base south of MPA.
    Gypsy Cove, a half day walk round trip from Stanley has many beached ships, a WW2 gun, penguin-frequented beaches - penguins too light to set off mines.
    Falklands Conservation is a good source of advice for visitors - and in 2003 they were taking volunteers from MPA to help with conservation tasks eg planting tussock grass.
    Families and friends love penguin, seal and cetacean photos - but it is possible to overdose them!
    Also, good opportunities for river fishing for introduced trout.
  14. I remember when it was all fields.
  15. Dolphin Gulls at East Cove

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