Sunni Arab lawmaker resigns

BAGHDAD, Iraq A Sunni Arab leading a parliamentary committee reviewing new legislation resigned his post on Tuesday to protest a Shiite-sponsored federalism bill that he said would lead to further political instability and bloodshed.

A series of bomb explosions killed at least nine people and wounded another 40 in Baghdad on Tuesday while police found the bodies of 13 men scattered around the capital, officials said.

A U.S. soldier died Monday of wounds sustained from enemy fire in the northern city of Mosul, the U.S. military command said Tuesday.
and in other news.....,0,1598370.story?coll=bal-nationworld-headlines

BAGHDAD, Iraq // Saddam Hussein was ejected from his genocide trial for the second consecutive day following heated arguments with the chief judge today.

Hussein's former defense minister, Sultan Hashim Ahmad al-Tai, was ejected for shouting at judge Mohammed Oreibi al-Khalifa for throwing out the deposed leader.

The trial resumed after an hour without Hussein and all six of his co-defendants.

The outburst began when Hussein refused to remain silent after repeated requests by al-Khalifa, the head of the five-member judges' panel.

Hussein, clutching his Muslim holy book -- the Quran -- tried to make a statement, interrupting the prosecution's questioning of a witness.
Oh that murdering Al-tikri b*stard he's a card isn't he. Just do the same thing he did to members of the Iraqi Parliament next time he walks out. "My safety catch was off? Ooooooops butterfingers"

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