Discussion in 'Infantry' started by Forces_Sweetheart, Feb 18, 2004.

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  1. Op Telic - has anyone had experience of orders from CO or Brig about NOT wearing sunglasses (mainly because of alienating locals) and challenged the orders on ground of men going 'blind'?
  2. Cutaway

    Cutaway LE Reviewer

    Those countries with a good deal of sun permit the use of sunglasses in the field - amongst other reasons they reckon it's better to see the enemy first.

    Officers of the British Army seem to have some hornet up their arrse about this so they issue bone orders against their use. Then their troops all look nice. Can't see fcuk all, but they look nice.

    As protective eyewear they can't be beat. A couple of years ago a Gurkha rifleman lost an eye due to being ordered to remove his sunglasses by some Sandhurst 'trained' prick. They were in Kenya and the eyeball was skewered by a thorn from a bastard bush - nasty !

    Those of you that have met thorn bushes will know exactly what I mean.
  3. This is the same sort of bollocks as bulling combat boots - I ******* hate it. Combat boots are for combat. I were somewhere 'ot and sandy, and I wore Oakleys the whole time. And so did lots of other people, all carrying guns and walking about. And that.
    It cum down to a leadership and moral fing. Innit. When I were a Platoon Commander, I relied on my Platoon Saarnt to quietly tell me when I'd had a faaakin stupid idea. And he did. Oh yes. Quite loud and clear. And ergo, CSMs to OCs, and RSMs to COs...and if the RSMs being a bit of a yes man, sensible OCs generally have a quiet word with the Adjt, or indeed the Colonel, to say when an idea's bollocks all subtly without upsetting the chain of command. . Anyway, I'm pissed and I'm going to bed. In my Oakleys.
  4. Don't see what that's got to do with not being able to wear sunglasses, more to do with the fact that we, as an organisation, do not really go in for eye-protection full stop (less afvs). Seem to remember an Israeli study a while ago into cbt injuries, and the fact that a significant proportion are down to easily preventable eye injuries.
  5. I think that the removal of Sunnies order is quite valid, but needs to be a bit more targetted.

    The point is that if you go around like arnie f*ing Schwarzenegger, then people will make assumptions about you. If, on the other hand you take your Sunnies off when talking to someone then you establish a rapport much more easily. There is plenty of experience and science to back this up.

    The blanket ban on sunglass wearing is just a bit OTT.
  6. As everyone knows, all you need do is remove your shades, and entire demonstrations are instantly quelled by the reassuring force of your calm Britishness. I remember when...(contd p.94)
  7. Banned from wearing sunglasses around palace and on guard
    made in lumcolur in my okleys as they had silver frames then banned them anyway as reflective lens tossers .I stand squinting into sun while waving vechicles full of dodgy shades i particularly like the red frames blue lenses . i,ll just wear the issuse ones till i get shouted for making the unit look a bunch of c**ts stuff like this gets my goat.
  8. chimera

    chimera LE Moderator

    Sadly there are too many people (normally REMFs) that can't distinguish between wearing sunglasses for eye protection - e.g. drivers, senties etc, and tooling around wearing them as a f***ing fashion accessory or perched on top of their heads.