It's time to buy a new pair of shades. Any recommendations for a good pair of general purpose sunglasses? I'm told Oakley's are the shade of choice for the discerning ageing swinger about town but I'm open to suggestions...
Ray-Bans , oh and a beaten up old A2 flying jacket.
I have a pair of Bloc sunnies. They are now three years old, look good and more to the point have been sat on, dropped and generally abused. Still going strong. :D
Why dont you buy what you like, rather than be a sheep and wear what everyone else says you should. That is you must wear them
Ray-Ban aviators for that authentic, 'we were like this and he was like this and I said where'd he go?, then he says where'd whooo goooo?' look.
PartTimePongo said:
Ray-Bans , oh and a beaten up old A2 flying jacket.
Good lord! It's Magnum P.I....
Cuddles said:
PartTimePongo said:
Ray-Bans , oh and a beaten up old A2 flying jacket.
Good lord! It's Magnum P.I....
While aviators are making a comeback in a retro sort of way, you'll only be able to pull it off if you're 18-24 and also able to get away with wearing trucker hats- on the middle aged, they just scream MIDLIFE CRISIS!!!

It's entirely horses-for-courses, and almost everything hangs on what you look like and what you're using them for. Personally, I wear Oakley Big Square Wires, (have been wearing Oakleys for 10 years now) because that's what suits the shape of my face. The £300 a shot "Hatchets" make me look like Dame Edna.

If in doubt about what suits you (i.e. what bears the stamp of shaggability) take a Doris (wife, girlfriend, or better yet- daughter, if you're that old) with you when you go shopping for them.
Ray-Bans with a large manly 'tash just looks too ... well, manly ... too manly in the 'Old Compton St way' ... if you know what I'm saying ...

Whilst I would not want to publicly question or, heaven forbid, criticise cpunk's sexuality, might I suggest something from the Oakley range. Unless you're also the type to wear dessies, jeans and softy jkt whilst cutting about round town, in which case the 'off-duty-but-still-G10-for-men' look would not be complete without the new issue shades (ballistic).

They even tell me that North Face is the new RonHill, I'll have to remind the wifey as she is probably cutting about the Garrison in my Barbour and tracksters as I write ...
Bolle metals work for me, they've all the performance characteristics of Oakleys, but without the inevitable "I'm a grown man who's trying too hard" cliche.

I have a pair of the very minimal Sin City model, and cant fault them.
You can't go wrong with Oakleys....

Of course, quality comes at a price. I currently have 3 pairs of oakleys (and a watch) and cannot recommend them enough.
Another brand which are fairly decent are Rudy Projects....
sparkysapper said:
I have just bought a pair of Arnettes, polarised of course.


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I second the Arnettes for good-looking sport shades. I bought a pair years ago, and not only were they suitable for street wear but they lasted through everything from jet-skiing to outdoor ice hockey.
Sorry - forgot to ask - did you want sunglasses primarily to look good or protect your eyes? :lol:

Don't listen to these fashion victims. 8)

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