Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by slimjim, May 13, 2009.

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  1. Need some help please...

    I'm off to Cyprus next month, need to new sunglasses, need something hard wearing and reasonably priced

    Would prefer reasonably priced because I've lost two pairs of oakleys, one pair of FCUK and broken a pair of oakleys, so they are destine to get lost or fucked

  2. Millets have got 20% off their BLOC range at the moment. Cheap and quite sturdy.
  3. Is that instore? :D
  4. Get the sunglass safety specs from Greenhams or Arco workwear, better spec that the millets ones and not pricey.
  5. BLOC are top notch. I've had various pairs for about 10 years now.
  6. Oh, and tie them to your head,
  7. Yes mate, couldn't find them on their website.
  8. Either that or wait till you land and you can buy a bucket of Oakleys from a Choggi shop for 50 cents, the who gives a twonk if they break.
  9. Cool, cheers people, will check millets and the safety shop :)
  10. Bolle Contour ESP with the UV coating (scroll down the page below) are cheap, wraparound and provide quite a lot of projectile protection. Could be a bit darker, but the upside is you can leave them on all the time. Fine with a baseball cap.
  11. Have worn a pair of Randolphs for nearly 18yrs that I swopped with a Yank for some British Kit overseas. Swear by them for driving, posing, day to day. Quite expensive in the UK but a lot cheaper in the US or from a BX. Good enough for the Apollo Space programme & Fast Air Mates are issue to US Forces. Mine still look
    like mess silver. You can also wear them with a bone dome/skid lid or Helmet. Uber scratchproof.


    I convinced our shooting team to use them at Bisley & any decent optician can grind & fit corrective lenses into them as they are very well made.

    For Beach/Sunbathing/Sport/Kids I wear rather cheap M&S plastic sunglasses at about £8. Not bothered if I loose them or they get broken. Marksies are safe sunglasses & I would trust their UV protection rating.
  12. alternatively 'sunglass warehouse'... a shop on ebay, do pairs in most styles for between £1-3 depending on style. Some are really good, I bought aviators and Oakely-wires rip offs and they're both doing fine.

    also agree that Bloc glasses are great.