Sunderland Airshow

Discussion in 'Photography' started by Madjock72, Jul 26, 2013.

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  1. Anyone going this weekend to try and get some shots.?

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  2. I'd love an hour or more, but can't handle crowds and hassle.

    Are there any spots farther south, like Seaham or Hendon, where they get the line, before heading along the front?
  3. Im going to try the lighthouse at Whitley bay. Its worth a go and I cant be arsed with the crowds as well.

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  4. Isn't that a dogging spot?

    Vulcan's and bonnet sex....well done that man ;)

    I'll be heading "over there" with the bairn for his first dose of seaside, red arraz and the zoo that is makem land.

    Beware anyone taking the Metro down there, Apparently the seats on the Sunderland route are all wooden now.
    Drunk mackem's, and selling the family "Bright House" furniture have led them down the sorry route of having padded public transport seats as living room furniture :lol:
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  5. A craze started of in the pits of Benwell.
  6. They have no pits in west-end(istan) these days, But it does look like the pits, Maybe "Pit land" got lost in translation?
  7. Bugger just missed the red arrow as I was driving saw them fly overhead.

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  8. Just caught the Red Arrows from near Ryhope.

    I found an idyllic spot on a headland looking north towards Sunderland, sadly almost all the planes came from the north and kept to a very small frontage, probably from Roker to Seaburn.

    A shame the length of coast isn't longer that they fly over, that area has really shit access on a normal day, it's a real bottleneck.

    I think a lot more people could have enjoyed it if they had crossed land south of Seaham, then turned north, just caught glimpses of a Lancaster, escorted by what looked like a pair of Spitfires.
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  9. They were all coming down the tyne. Might have been coming RAF Boulmer.?

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  10. Lancaster was escorted by a spitfire and a Hurricane and it was a superb show - I went with the wife and her parents early - took the park and ride which was free as the outlaws had a disabled badge (bonus) took a load of pics and thoroughly enjoyed it all

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  11. I thought they were coming from Teeside, why can't the bastards give a little more info, only so many people are willing to stand on the seafront, often people who can walk there.
  12. Come on then, give us some pics.

    I would have loved to have been there, but the hassle is beyond me, maybe one year, we''ll book into a B&B for a couple of nights
  13. Was thinking the same thing or find which runway they are taking off.

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  14. Great pics sumo. The apache was flying above our house on saturday but once again I was in the bloody car picking the kids up from church fare.

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