Sunderland air show

Finally got to go...... my wife's always wanted to go, but I hate crowds and queues, so kept putting it off.

Did we strike lucky, got a fantastic view, ringside seat.

We parked near the university and got the metro to Seaburn, walked down to the prom, just to the left of the commentary box, there's a set of steps to the beach.

We settled down, the tide was coming in, as it will tomorrow afternoon, so we just kept edging nearer the steps from the beach.

We were amongst the last up the steps, so settled down halfway up above the high tide mark.

We had water etc, so no need to move.

Really enjoyed it, the wingwalkers, the Lancaster, Hurricane and Spitfire fly past, helicopters..... good day out.

Plenty of buses to get back into town, just near the beach.


Took my uncle there whilst on leave many a year ago, the flanker flying below us made him chortle.

He looked and said if he could get lower he may have made it in my day.

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We got the BBMF and Reds going over yesterday on heir way to it.
Hope to see them on their way back as well.


Hopefully, for a finale they will cluster bomb the Stadium of Light or whatever shit name Roker Park has nowadays
Not for the first time today, my wife has mentioned it, no. 1 on her bucket list, would be a wing walk.

I've just googled it, it can be done, quite a few outfits do it, including the pair who put on a display today in Sunderland.

Any of you lot tried it?

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