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Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by owz88, Nov 6, 2009.

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  1. on sunday im going to my local rememberance parade, im not sure wether to wear my 2s or not. is going over the top wearing them or not.
  2. Wear them, but wear them well. Immaculate turnout is demanded.
  3. i have just got out but im wearing my medals and the veterans badge and having a good drink with the old boys and pulling up some sandbags
  4. see aint got me medels yet so look a bit bare. think i will wear them ( immacuatly) .first year i can wear it there so...
  5. Stonker

    Stonker On ROPs


    If you had Blues, I'd say wear them.
  6. would 95's be frowned upon?
  7. Not ex-forces myself but I am my local RBL branch Parade Marshal and I personally would welcome any service personnel whether in 95s or No2 dress. I would prefer 2 dress but combats perfectly acceptable.
    You would be warmly received and royally looked after in the bar later.
  8. short answer, YES,and be proud to do so!!
  9. Would feel slightly walty...
  10. Why? You earned the right to wear it, be proud of it!!
  11. Guess so,. just don't fancy some dobber quizzingme, trying to out me as a walt.
  12. Mre than likely the quizzer is the WALT
  13. I doubt any old soldiers will pull you up on it. Most TA, nearly all ACF adults and cadets are issued with nothing else. Just look as smart as you can in it

    No one should grip you for wearing 95s, but if they do tell them 'it's a festival of rememberance, not a fashion parade.'

    Then tell them to fück off and mind there own business
  14. Never a truer word CM...More than likely, I'd say almost definitely.
  15. Stand tall and be proud. I went to the RBL poppy ball over here last night and was unsure to wear my minatures or not with the old black tie ensemble. Turned up and all the veterans were wearing them (so I put mine on) as one said "You earned them......."

    So I say again Stand Tall and Be Proud.