Sunday Telegraph Campaign: "Fair Deal For Our Troops"

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Purple_Flash, Sep 10, 2006.

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  1. Purple_Flash

    Purple_Flash LE Moderator

    The Sunday Telegraph reports on potential ideas to increase recruitment and retention with tax breaks and medical care for life amongst other things:

    BAFF are mentioned here:

    They also launch a campaign for a "fair deal" on pay, welfare and conditions for troops:

    At least someone in the media seems to be picking up the simmering resentment from ARRSE and BAFF!
  2. Excellent! Previous Telegraph campaigns (the "right to fight back") have received popular backing.

    Troops should not have to pay any taxes on operations, particularly as they are effectively below minimum wage. The suggestion for cheap mortgages is a good one - however, does LSAP not cover this?

    What abut UK citizenship for all those who complete productive service - Fijians and Commonwealth - and their dependents? It is a matter of moral embarrassment that we can ask others to die for our country, but allow them no stake in it.
  3. Hear Hear MrPVRed

    We allow citizenship to Afgahns who leave their coutry because its dangerous, Yet the commonwealth forces we send there to secure their lands (which they then dont return to) are not given the same rights.
  4. Considering LSAP increase didn't get through the Treasury last time it was proposed to increase it to a significant amount these measures have about as much chance as finding a virgin in SLB.
  5. LSAP=£8K=a tiny dent in the 'average' house price.

    Plus, HM Customs and Excise consider it as a 'benefit in kind' and consequently taxable.

    Back in the early 90s, whoever was Adjutant General was interviewed in Soldier Magazine and was quoted as saying that retention became a problem in the Army the day that the soldiers' gratuity ceased to be enough for him to buy a house. That strikes me as very true - although worse today. Soldiers can see the housing market running away from them and, under pressure from their wives and their own concerns for the future, buy a house. The family put down roots, the wife has to get a job to cover the mortgage, schools are so hit and miss nowadays that if you find one that is half decent, you don't want to move. All this erodes the 'follow the flag' culture that we used to have, which adds to the vicious circle of disillusionment, causing yet more people to leave. Bring back decent Service schools, bring back medical care for families and restore gratuities to a level commensurate with the cost of housing.
  6. Excellant articles, at least someone else is now seeing out point of view.

    I hope that this gets more publicity over coming weeks/ months as pressure is needed to get these sort of changes.
  7. Why are the forces reliant on the media to bring these matters to the public's and governments attention?

    It seems like a two edged sword to have to rely on your critics to fight your case.

    Is it that the BAFF has no public voice?
  8. Stand fast Pillager! While Hackle et al have no need of anyone to fight their battles, that is a cheap shot. Especially as, obviously unlike you, having read the article it is clear BAFF are being given a "public voice" by the ST. Moreover they seem to have got quite a public profile and are starting to get on MOD's tits - which is the first step to achieving something in our esteemed military.
  9. Purple_Flash

    Purple_Flash LE Moderator

    My fault!

    BAFF was mentioned in a commentary box beside the first article which I could not find earlier; I have amended my first posting to show the link.

    I think we may be seeing BAFF clearing its throat in public.

    Now, let's hear it ROAR!
  10. I wasnt having a go, but was wondering if their was another means of getting a public voice.

    The telegraph for all its blessings is getting an inside angle on the British military, which it can use however it sees fit in order to shift copies.
  11. Pity they missed the bit about LSSA being a taxable allowance and hence the guys on the lowest level do not get the 6 pounds or so as quoted.
  12. It might be worth making a bit of noise towards the BBC, seeing as they haven’t even picked up the story about the defence chiefs report calling for the matter to be examined.

    I sent off a comment to them, including links to the relevant articles using their 'contact us' page: .

    The more noise people make, the more chance the issue will earnestly be examined.
  13. Mr_Fingerz

    Mr_Fingerz LE Book Reviewer

    Whilst I support the general tenor of the points made in the article quoted; some of us are in danger of undermining both themselves and the bigger picture by poor use of examples.

    Firstly, HM Customs and Excise have never been responsible for this type of taxation, it was the province of the Inland Revenue. Secondly, HM Customs and Excise no longer exists - It became HM Revenue and Customs three years ago when it was taken over by (sorry merged with) the Revenue.

    Just been reading the comments on think provided. and noted the post from Steve. If you are a member of ARRSE and needs help on this subject PM me fast.

  15. I noticed recently that the SF are to get a huge pay rise. Fair play lads and you are more than deserving. The thing is, the SF need the rest of us to support them.....