Sunday observance: A day of rest/re

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Agent_Smith, Nov 15, 2006.

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  1. Yes, it says so in the holy book!

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  2. Yes, because it's the only day i get to relax!

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  3. No, i should be free to do as i please with my sunday

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  4. No, because they are all cranks who live by a 2000yr old book

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  5. No, because i follow the flying spaghetti monster and tuesday is my day of rest!

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  1. After listening to the news over lunch, it appears that the age old question of Sunday as a day of rest has reared it's ugly head again.

    My question is, should we allow a minority (and those that regularly attend the kirk are in the minority!) to dictate when and where we should work, rest or play. There was me thinking that this mainly secular (in all but tradition) country was driven by capitalism and free-enterprise rather than the views of minority groups taken from a 2000year old work of fiction, based on the life of a son who was born of a virgin, and fatherd by an almighty ghost who no one alive has ever actually met or spoken to? :wink:

    And we claim that the septics are mad about their religious convictions? :roll:
  2. Firstly the Wee Free is a rather radical and small church and in no way represents the bulk of chuch gowers in Scotland, never mind the general population.

    MSPs can be quite good at such buck passing, this way Westminster will sy no and Holyrood can blame them if they get critisised.

    As to making store shut on the 25th and the 1st, I think this is a good idea, on the 25th we have a family party and on the 1st I am too hung over so stopping others getting the good bargains at the sales is a good thing.

  3. oldbaldy

    oldbaldy LE Moderator Good Egg (charities)
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    This is the lot who wanted to stop all ferries running on a sunday. Until recently the only way to get a Sunday paper on Stornaway was to wait until monday.

    Always remember that on the 1st the Pakis will be open. They never miss the opportunity! Especially for Irn Bru!
  4. Irn Bru, the best hangover cure.

    Before the Pakis became Pakis, they were Jenny A' Thing shops and were open just as long.

  5. The 'holy book' actually states that 'Sabbath was made for man not man for the Sabbath', in other words there should be a day put aside to be different and rest, not a religious fatwa, ooops, on forcing people to do the same thing. Jesus was criticised for healing on the Sabbath by the religious mafia of the day, so many Christians would deny the Sabbath should be hijacked again even by those calling themselves Christians. Like most things in the bible, they're common sense issues that some religious groups over gild. One day off in seven is physiologically sound, as the Russian army found out when trying to work ten day shifts.
  6. I'm guessing from the response so far, that the majority of arrse users want to use their sunday as they see fit (for varying reasons)
  7. I suppose it wouldn't be a bad thing for shops to close on a sunday, after all this will impact our consumerism society and it will be a good influence on the younger (my) generation.

    On the other you should be able to do what you wish with your time. If you want to work or you need to nip out to get something for sunday roast then thats fine.
  8. Sundays are boring enough as it is. I don't think Sunday shopping hours should be as limited as they are, they should be treated the same as every other day of the week.

    Some people work all week and Sunday is there only chance to do food/clothes shopping or just to go out and have some fun. There are also people who have children or study during the week leaving weekends as their only day to work and earn some money.

    I really hate it when religious nuts try and tell everybody how to live their lives. If they want to rest on a Sunday nobody is forcing them to go shopping or go to the pub.
  9. living in backwoods germany --nothing opens on sunday--the other week i had a sunday free-i work shifts-the front garden looked a mess .out comes the lawn mower...its normally a 6 min job to cut the small lawn at the front of my pill box.2 mins into the operation as im trying to cut it in the shape of a swastica ..the obno--bloody --woman from across the road appered in front of me like the jenie from alladin...what are yove doooinggg..cotting the grass says i.. dov youve nott knoowe its sontag.
    yes says i -in kraut-ive got the day off for a bl--dy change---im then threatened with the local plod if i contiune...nice she would have been out of place down the road in bergen....the grey rinse set who dont work have time to ..enjoy.. sundays ,but when as a full time worker i wish to spend 6 mins cutting my grass .i dont want a religous zelot telling me i cant...