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Sunday mornings...

Don't you just love Sunday mornings? One can watch anything while the Missus dozes on upstairs, there's enough tv fodder to exercise my gbrain, the kettle seems to boil more quickly, the birds in the trees sing more sweetly and I can just see the staff shuffling off to my local to prepare for my mates and me descending for a gallon at lunchtime before I waddle home to finish the leg of lamb I will be prepping in a moment. Fuck... it's Monday in just over fifteen hours... fuckittyfuck.


Book Reviewer
Or I just do exactly what I did yesterday morning, and Friday morning....

It's a Decompression Ground Hog Day.
All I can hear is the refrigerator gurgling and the unidentifiable clicks and whirrs from the PC tower. It's bliss. Think I'll add the sound of the kettle boiling to that though.


Book Reviewer
Finishing my cup of coffee and looking online then out to walk the pups down the canal path - then will be back to put my chicken casserole in the slow cooker for dinner

Sunday mornings are SO rock and roll in my house :)

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