Sunday Morning Breakfast

Discussion in 'Cookery' started by cnj_uk, Mar 13, 2011.

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  1. So what do you do on a Sunday for Brekkie?

    This morning I'm having crumpets dipped in egg then lightly fried and served with bacon and maple syrup.

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  2. I had a slice of Pizza left over from last night and half a can of Coke. Delicious.
  3. I usually go into the kitchen hoping that I've bought some Bacon, Sausages or Eggs and forgotten about it. This never happens. I then proceed to have a cigarette with some toast and marmite.
  4. I love toast and marmite. I saw the x.o version in waitrose on Friday, not sure if I dare try it.

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  5. Today it'll be the chicken satay I didn't cook last night due to getting engrossed in some dvd's
  6. A can of hotdog sausages mixed with beans and bunged in the microwave, two cups of tea and some toast.
  7. Square slice sausage , bacon , fried egg , black pudding ( scottish ) , fruit pudding , fried pancake , fried tattie scone , mushrooms , tomato , beans . Washed down with a large glass of OJ and a mug of very strong coffee.
  8. Just taken the bread out of the maker, going to to sliced up and decorated wthnsome bacon & egg
  9. Sounds a fantastic breakfast, what's the fruit pudding?

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  10. I was going to have blueberry and wheat cereal, followed by plenty if toast, bacon and eggs. Then discovered that the girlfriend's annoying sister who is visiting for some fecking unknown reason has eaten all the bacon and robbed me if milk for cereal and even a mug of tea.
  11. Nothing wrong with that, sounds nice.

    Right I've been nice, now give me the rest of the gen on the L200 ya TWAT!!! :)
  12. This Sunday I had a can of coke and a Mars bar.
  13. My wife had a big portion of sausage this morning, followed by a bowl of cereal and a cup of tea. :O)