Sunday Mirror - what planet are they on?

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by crossed_axes, Nov 20, 2006.

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  1. From yesterday's Sunday Mirror
    "Ashley Taylor thought she would be doing something useful if she joined the Territorial Army. But helping her country has turned into an ordeal she couldn't have imagined in her wildest nightmare. Ashley has been sent to Iraq - She is only supposed to be working in the Army's stores in Basra, but has been told she will be expected to take part in the terrifying patrols undertaken by our forces there."

    Err - which TA did she think she was joining? Or does the SM think she is in?
  2. Media agenda at it's best.

    'Youngest British woman serving in Iraq' - Oooh, poor little girl, having to do nasty patrols :roll:
  3. People like ashley taylor annoy me, what is she doing in the TA in the first place. Media likes this makes the TA look like whingers, when the majority of us have enjoyed our tours of duty.
  5. So the TA on ops are treated like anyone else..... isn't that what they want? Typical of them to pick out a young woman rather than a young man though huh? Adds to the story, at least, what story there is.

    And yet next time there is a discussion on the role of women in the forces the Mirror will be right there on the front row claiming that the army is sexist!
  6. OldSnowy

    OldSnowy LE Moderator Book Reviewer

    I'm afraid that with this, and the Sunday Times piece, and earlier problems, the Jocks are not doing themselves any favours.

    Typical Sunday Mirror though - never let facts interfere with a good story, and add plenty of emotive words into the stew: 'terrifying', 'ordeal', 'wildest nightmare', desperately dangerous'.

    This will really cheer up the families of those out there.
  7. To be fair to the gal im sure she will be shi**ing bricks, a young split arrse who is traded as a store person being dumped in an infantry role is a bit jack of whomever has arranged her posting.

    At the end of the day i know we are all infantry soldiers before our trade, but the reality is that traded units do not do nearly enough 'infantry' type training!
  8. Surely serving in Iraq is doing something useful?
    What planet is this girl on?

    This annoyed me…

    So she didn’t volunteer for Telic and the TA isn’t professional?
  9. You mean the TA isn't ACF with added beer. F00k I'm outa here :)

    Perhaps Mirror readers should remember that before signing up.
  10. Not wishing to do the poor lass down but 18 years old unemployed, left school at 16 and has the sympathy of her 34 year old mother FFS!
  11. I see that her mums only 34, must have been banged by some squaddie when she was 15 then and has a lingering hatred for the army ever since!
  12. Her mother was 16 when she was born and was 13 when she had her first?
  13. Well if she’s following in her mothers footsteps there can be only one reason why she’s been “forced” out to Iraq…

    Entertainment for the troops!! :twisted:
    Mattress with a pulse anyone?
  14. I read the article - it was a friend's copy, honest. Did the daughter actaully say a word to the Mirror? I read it and although her Mum had lots to day, I got the impression that the first young Ashley may know about all of this, is when she gets ripped by her colleagues in Basrah.

    Point made earlier in the thread = truth, good story, facts in way, etc. Hear, hear.
  15. The article talks about her sending off a load of job applications but getting nowhere.

    Perhaps when she gets back from Iraq, she might consider joining the Army full time?

    As a TA soldier joining in the last couple of years, there is no way that her recruiting team glossed over mobilisation, and if they did, you only have to read the news to see where being in the TA can see you these days.

    Intelligent mobilisation means she's in the frame no matter what happens, and in a harder position to decline the invitation.

    If she's 18 now, and been in a year, where does that put her with parental consent for joining? And even if her parents didn't have to sign, what kind of message is this article anyway? If she's too young to be in Iraq according to her parents, then she's too young to join the TA or the Regulars.

    One question though - what jobs are open to women within a TA Infantry battalion, other than AGC/RAMC? Are RLC attached nowadays for stores?