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Sunday Duty


Book Reviewer
Well thanks people, a Sunday duty with the hangover from hell. I also have to entertain my 14 year old son, who insisted on coming to work with me.

Any help? Jarrod he is 14 so back off.


Book Reviewer
Afraid not, stretched on the sofa with a mug of freshly brewed coffee, watching Andrew Marr.
But my thoughts are with you and will be through lunch and until I get to the bar later.

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What !!!! You allow your son to come on duty with you.
WTF is going on with the military these days.
Maybe you should tell the RSM at duties parade. Im sure he will be chuffed
B&T you're kidding no-one. You've got the office to yourself, you've escaped the nasal whine of the wife, and you and the lad are playing top trumps with porn mags. Probably whilst listening to Coldplay.
B&T I'll swap with you, I've got a bad tempered Wife who says she only got 4 hours sleep last night, a poorly 3 and a half year old who after his antics with Badgers_Heed Avatar yesterday is lucky he's not kipping on the back field in a tent with Sluggy for company and a demanding 5 month old who is determined to not let me hear the commentary from Yesterdays Rugby.
I didn't mind Sunday duties as much as Saturday. At least on a Sunday duty you could have a lie in on Saturday morning.

Unless you were on day on/day off because you got caught pissing in the TOT's bin at a troop do.


Book Reviewer
Quite cheerful actually. Daughter's bf dumped her last night, that's one teenage pregnancy I don't have to worry about. Apparently 'get used to it' isn't what a mother is supposed to say to a heartbroken 14 year old. Who knew?
"I will kill you if you tell anybody" isn't a come on!

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