Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by ducati916, Apr 10, 2005.

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  1. The wench woke me up at 0700hrs demanding sex, even with a crap hangover I managed some form of shagging. 5 mins later all over and back to blissful sleep. The wench again woke me up at 0820hrs and demanded more fcuking shagging. "Fcuk me I ain't superman you know", I says, she says "You are my superman, now get down to business". 5 mins later and 1 satisfied customer. Right I am getting up now, you have to be at the airport at 1300hrs.

    Had some breakfast, had to make it myself, as she hates the sight and smell of eggs, nice omlette though.

    1000hrs depart for airport, 1230 arrive at airport, stay 30mins says goodbye (thank fcuk 2 weeks on me own again :twisted: ) 1300 leave airport and arrive home 1530.

    Straight to the comp, internet porn has a tug, nothing like it me thinks. has a look round Arrse, nothing happening really, watch film, fcuking shit. Back on comp, back to porn sites, can't even manage a semi, go back to Arrse and start writing this stupid thread.

    Bike is in getting serviced, will not see it until next weekend, will be in the region of 800 euros worse off when I pick it up. Fcuking Dukes, hey but I love them.

    Just thought I'd share my fcuking boring day. :roll:
  2. Buy a Harley man then the babes WILL make you breakfast!
  3. Aaah bless ya!, 2 shags a w@nk and your still not happy, no pleasing some folk!!.
    This will piss on your cornflakes then, i have had a great time today!, finally got my baby back out of the garage and got her opened up on the lanes around my town. Pure, unadulterated adult fun. Almost better than sex!. 2ltr, v6 24v dohc Mitsi FTO gpx mivec. Best end to a weekend in ages!!, and i still have to rape better half before he dissapears off shore tomorrow. Aint life grand?!! .
  4. Buster, what you meant to say was, "When the Duke gets out of hospital, it will have your Harley for breakfast, chrome and all" :wink:
  5. Cherrypink, my duke would eat that as well, maybe for dinner, no, a snack. Happy driving and keep a look out for those on two wheels :lol:
  6. [​IMG]

    Nice motor mate. My 4x4 has the ford 3 ltr V6 DOHC engine in it, fun but damn the automatic gearbox :evil:

  7. Yeah! But I'll still be one cool dude. I'll let the "Duke" get there first to get the beers in!