Sundance Festival to Premier ARRSE Film Favourties

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Rocketeer, Jan 18, 2007.

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  1. finally, a World Class Film festival will bring to the world ' mainstream ' films near and dear to many ARRSE members..if the discussions of the subjects in the NAAFI are any indication.. these flicks just might be blockbusters..

    ZOO - by Seattle film-maker Robinson Dover [ no relation to Ben - but ]..about the late lamented Kenneth Pinyan, a 45 year old Seattle native who made videotapes of himself being penetrated anally by a stallion and who died of inte4rnal injuries while in the process, so to speak...

    TEETH - about a Christian girl who, after being sexually assaulted, discovers she has teeth in an unexpected part of her body...

    more ' normal fare ' on the programme is a film called Hounddog about an young girl in the 1950's entranced with things Elvis starring 12 year old Dakota Fanning - . In the course of the oevre she appears naked or in her underpants and is raped violently... family flick that one..

    and a Heather Graham flim, Adrift in Manhattan, in which she plays a New York Optometrist who participates in what Variety magazine describes as an " eye-popping sex scene "..

    Finally, porn doesn't have to be delivered in plain brown wrappers..coming to a cineplex near you..

    prhaps an ARRSE night out at the films followed by a discussion of the merits of the works at a nearby pub are in order??

    Still, on a good day [ bad day ? ] ARRSEurs could come up with something just as good or better for ' international release '.. Anyone got a halfway decent minicam and some willing ARRSE maidens interested in being ' discovered '..??
  2. FFS..and I thought Animal Farm was bad...although Horse Rider would have been a better title...with the Horse warming him up by 'hoofing' him...dry