and 2 weeks to ADSC

Discussion in 'The Training Wing' started by stvwardy, Aug 28, 2007.

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  1. yup, ive been doing ALOT of fitness work, however, i also went down to Newquay to enjoy myself, and have come back with quite a bad Sunburn...

    obviously i did some exercise down there, which involved running on the beach, and intimate encounters with the locals......{cough}

    {i know its my fault}

    anyone know how long it takes to heal? ive got selection on the 10th of september, and i was on the phone to the AFCO Office this morning, and they said that Sunburn is classed as a "self inflicted wound" and would result in being sent back straight away.......

    ive been told that it should be healed by then, but the person who said this, is a complete toss@r and i dont trust him

    advice please.
  2. It's a wind up :) Self inflicted wound, ha! :D

    depending on how bad, mine usually takes a few days or so for the actual redness and soreness to go, week I suppose before it stops peeling.

    Having said that I'm half hungarian so I rarely burn.
  3. It is actually a self inflicted wound - used to be a chargeable offence. No wind up
  4. It should clear up in a week.

    Use a fcukin' sun block in future.
  5. cheers crescent, im a very fairskinned ginger lad {as the avater represents}

    cant wait to turn up and be ripped for being ginger, as happens quite often wherever i go, still i know its a laugh.

    im peeling like a ???? - couldnt think of anything to put there......

    doesn anyone know what happens if you dont make your job choices, for example i wanted the excitement, so i chose three from the armoured core.

    yet i was intrigued by the signals. if you fail the 3 job choices, do they let you change for something else...

    only asking because my upper body strength is not the best.

    cheers folks!
  6. If you dont make your job choices they will just let you know what jobs you are eligible for in your interview on Day 2.

    Because of my colour perception and vision this happend to me, worked out for the best though as im now in the REME rather than the RLC.
  7. cheers army_rizzle......good to know there not going to just say "pis@ off you failure."

    many thanks!
  8. Bang on some aftersun
  9. oh come on mate! You're f'kin ginger and you didn't think of 'peeling like an orange'! Jesus! ;)

    Your 3 choices; don't worry.

    I had RAC, AAC, HCav down as mine and my left eye came up as PULHEEMS 4 to 1 and so I was ineligible for all three - the PSO said it was no bother as I had done very well etc anyway and he passed me on the proviso of making a final choice at the ACIO first thing the next morning.
  10. mate, i was

    Drunk off my face at the time.......

    you know, lads down on vacation, sun, sea, sex.

    not in that order though...

    yes thats it

    i blame the booze!!!!
  11. Only an observation, but upper body strength not the best?
    RAC, don't you need to have a bit of meat on you?

    What trades in the Sigs interested you?
  12. perhaps i should say properly what i meant.

    i do have quite good upper body strength {from dragging round a ton of bread everyday and lifting heavy boxes for 4 years}

    specifically, the recruting sgt informed me i needed to be able to do 3 heaves.

    im good at sit ups and puish ups, but when it comes to heaves im quite useless, im able to do the run and everything else, i just dont want to be failed because im not good at heaves.
  13. Never mind dragging round a ton of bread!

    Heaves are all about lifting YOUR own body weight.

    Get to a local gym pronto!

    Oh, and you didn't answer my question about the Sigs trades.
  14. Communication Systems Operator or Information Systems Engineer

    thats what i would be interested in doing...sorry for not answering on the last reply!


    the 1st job choice ive gone for in the Royal Armoured Corps is

    RAC Crewman.

    if that helps.
  15. If for whatever reason you don't get in the RAC, IS Eng is the way ahead, in the military and out.

    FYI, I am in the Sigs, but not a IS Eng.

    Anyway, good luck.