Why, oh why, oh why? do all QMs buy friggin' Sunblest bread whenever we go out into the field and are centrally catered? Are they on commission from they bakery? do they not know that concrete powder is substituted for flour? do they not realise that at the post -ex give away it is always left behind?

For the love of all that is holy....STOP! and buy something edible.
Yes woopert they should employ a baker specially to cook your bread for you in the mornings!!! ::),things like that are never going to change,so wake up and smell the coffee.....well thats if they provide you with it!!!! ;D

Everything else we get fed is pants anyhow and the majority of squaddies put their dinner into bread anyway,so you cant even taste the bread! :D


Wake up and smell the coffee
Hopefully if you smell it in time you can stop yourself from pouring it into your mug and spending the next three days trying to scrub away the rancid tar that gets called coffee.

It's true what they say, the hardest course in the British Army is the cooks course...

No-ones passed it yet.


At least you can chew Sunblest. Do you remember the days of the RAOC bakeries who could bake stale bread. It was always a disappointment on exercise in Germany when you got the fresh supplement. Even the ducks got out the way when you threw it at them.
Talking food, we were resupplied with fresh rations on exercise and although we were glad of the bread, fruit and eggs we were staggered when we were given great big uncooked joints of meat ............ we spent all day looking for the oven on our Challenger!  ???

If you are going to reminisce about food, do you remember the condensed milk in a tube? Instant tea powder? Scab packs from the cookhouse with the standard items of cold hard pastie, rotten fruit, out of date crisps and chocolate, and no drink?  :p

Oh and don't forget the new healthy options in the cookhouse (sorry, soldiers restaurant), bring back chips with everything I say!  ;)
I'd have rather had bloomin sunblest than the scabby attempt at bread we had in Egypt,it was all crumbly and sweet not to mention totally disgusting!!! ;D
When I first joined we were lucky to have bread...if we were fed at all. I didn't go to sleep once for the first twentyfive years. We had to make our own uniforms...out of old teabags. And get proper creases in them, or the RSM'd 'ave you. One bullet between 4 million of us...we'd pass it on to the next man if we were killed. Course, we were tougher in them days...before parents were invented. I didn't even call myself by my first name, back then. Mmmm.  Aye.
Ooooh. Me a rse's gone again.
Tell me what you’re supposed to do with 2 dozen loose eggs in the back of a land rover whilst cutting around the German countryside. Answers on the back of a postcard or on the front of your fist to the BQMS.

PS If my current BQMS has figured out whom I am, I’m not talking about you, you, you, mad, hard nutter but the one before you who even I could have.


...and a 10lb paper bag of sugar on a wet landrover floor.  

Plus, who's idea was it to start issuing norgies of hot water with a horror box full of teabags?  Hot water is in nuclear hardened thermos container which is practically indestructable but leaks.  This is then placed in steel box (landrover / Saxon / etc.) next to horror box full of teabaxs and aformentioned 10lb paper bag of sugar.  Metal box is then agitated violently by rapid transit over some of the worst roads outside of the Ukraine (or the M20).  Result: troops receive 3/4 full norgie of warm water coated in damp sugar and smashed teabags.

Why?  What was wrong with filling tea bomb with NATO standard sweet brown liquid?

Oooooh, I feel better for that!  Sorry.
Is Sunblest still issued?

Yeah OK, so I thought I'd drag up an old thread out of boredom.
I see it at the shops all the time and it makes me think of Pirbright... So most shopping trips involve me being sick in my mouth a little bit...

Another Sunblest issue I have (which is pointless I know...) but why do people tear the bag open instead of opening it? It makes no difference in the long run but it annoys me for some reason!

As a teenager I had a Saturday job at the Sunblest factory in Stevenage. We had to clean the past week's accumulated filth out of the ovens and the production line conveyors. Having seen how it was made and what goes into it, I'll never touch the stuff again. The smell of it takes me right back. :pukel:
I know a kid who liked white bread and now only eats expensive wholemeal - he had a job at the bakery and saw the white bread coming out in one big slab. He then had to paint the sides with sugar solution to make it look as though it had been in a tin at some point. He (Glaswegian) says he never got over "..painting the breed".
Nice to see an old thread revived...

In the 60's Puttees Snr used to get called in to repair the conveyor belts at Welford's bakery in Middlesbrough, the local producer of Sunblest. The work was always at night and he'd return home with a tray full of the bakery's offerings, a mark of gratitude from the bakery's manager for a job well done at short notice.

There were cakes, buns and so on. But, strangely, never any sliced bread...


I always found sunblest to be the tastiest bread going. Much better than all these farmhouse loafs you see nowadays.


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Dry foul tasting "bread" that stuck to the roof of your mouth and was probably as old as this thread, and you consider it tasty?. I haven't even seen it on the supermarket shelves for years indicating people voted with their feet and bought something more edible and put them out of business.


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Fcuk me, how far down did you dig to revive this 12 year old thread????

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Back in the early '70's when I had a Saturday job at Sainsburys we were told to remember the phrase 'Bread Of Perfection Gives Youth' to identify what the day the bread had been baked on. The sticky label that sealed the bags were blue on Monday, orange on Tuesday, purple on Wednesday, green on Thursday and yellow on Friday hence BOPGY...... why the **** do we remember stupid things like this and forget important things like passwords and PINs?

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