Sunbeds as harmful as Cigarettes

So don't smoke sunbeds then!! :D
I'm looking forward to a mass cull-by-cancer of weegies in the next 10 to 20 years, then.

Does it say if it makes them sterile first? Or is that too much to hope?
must be a massive rizla paper for a sunbed
Brilliant news!

Notice how sunbedding to get that roast turkey look is a predominantly chav phenonema? Brilliant - an activity that will thin the bastards out and leave theose of us who can afford to bask in the sun in sunnier climes unaffected.
The cull of the chav Oompa Loompahs begins forthwith!

Malignant Melanoma... Darwinism in action!


Book Reviewer
Trouble is, who will be paying for their melanoma treatments?

Imho if it's self-inflicted they should pay for it themselves, but in today's mad world you can ignore advice, carry on burning yourself, and the taxpayer will pay for your treatment.

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