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Discussion in 'The Book Club' started by Schermuly, Apr 7, 2013.

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  1. Quick question – and rather urgent answer needed.

    It’s a glaring omission from my personal library, and I now need to send the very best/definitive version of S-T’s Art of War to someone as a birthday gift.

    There appear to be hundreds of the buggers – from the minimalist, badly-translated versions to the OTT corporate/woo-woo versions manipulating generalissimo’s words to their own nefarious, pecuniary advantage.

    Anyone got a solid recommendation?

    I’m looking for something that contains the whole, unabridged (but well-translated) text, plus also possibly offering some scholarly insight/historical context and relevant/applicable examples.

    Strategic suggestions welcome, cheers. Preferably in the next 24 hours :)
  2. Ahhh Grasshopper, One must first know thine enemy before they may be defeated. In other words, just shop about S.
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  3. Hah-so, Confuseus say: when pig stand on back legs and fire, butterflies appear in May.
  4. Grumblegrunt

    Grumblegrunt LE Book Reviewer

    plenty of free online pdf copies for you to compare, my copy is a very slim volume in blue IIRC
  5. PG is right I bought a good copy from one of those High Street discount bookshops. The ISBN for the 1963 Oxford University Press edition is 0-19-501476-6.
  6. That Confucius bloke had some good sayings too....
  7. Susn Tzu say hit him back first
  8. Ah. So sorry. Too subtle for gwailoh.

    Confuse. Us. :)
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  9. Cheers, have compared a fair few, but was hoping to get a quick steer from those more familiar with what's out there as time is tight.
  10. Try Oxford University Press.
  11. This one is good:
    The Art of War
    ISBN 978-1780282992

    Good, solid translation, presented well, and includes historically relevant comment form Historians and Contemporary commentators. Doesn't bugger about and try to make the work a business handbook.
  12. I bought the Penguin Classic version myself, it does the job and it's now available on kindle, although not a freebie.

    Strangely one of the old inscrutable badger's main precepts was:

    If you must fight a battle after a journey of 1000 (some funny chinese mileage stuff was going on here) make sure your enemy makes that journey.

    The Chinese success in engaging the Americans just over their own borders, Korea (ad nauseam), Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia and now to some extent in Afghan, makes much sense in that light.
  13. I'll see you that and raise you the manufacturing campaign they fought.

    Let everyone else do the hard work... Copy it.

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  14. No, buy it, let the foreignors set it all up for you, pay them with useless paper dollars and undercut their own industry whilst subsidising your own and hogging all the raw materials.

    It's not a pretty kind of war and we have already lost it!
  15. Confucius, he say man that walks on to air-plane sideways, book holiday in Thailand!