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Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by offog, Jun 18, 2005.

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  1. Sun reporter caught by group 4 trying to blag his way into Wimbledon. Has been arrested

    From teletext

    An undercover journalist posing as a security guard at Wimbledon tennis tournament has been arrested by police.

    He should be mad a n example of and have every charge available put against him and jailed. It would appear that the Sun is not commenting on the subject.
  2. Cutaway

    Cutaway LE Reviewer

    Do you have a link please ?
  3. GunnersQuadrant

    GunnersQuadrant LE Moderator

    Use the journo as a figure 11.
  4. LINK (IOL)
  5. Well looks like some civvie security guards can do alot better than the guys at Sandhurst... :roll:
  6. Well, there is a job going at Sandhurst at the moment!

    Why do these Journo's do this?'s not reporting the news. Have they f*ck all else to do?

    It's not even clever or in the slightest bit entertaining. It's just showing the public that journos are c*nts.
  7. I agree with People 'testing' our security proceedures, but not ducking journos!

    I hope he does get taken to court.
  8. Although I don't agree with the irresponsible behaviour by these people, it is showing up some alarming holes in security. I agree with LC's comment. Maybe we should have anonymous security testers, similar to mystery shoppers.
  9. He'll get off. Some carp about how it was in the public interests that a bloke with too much time on his hands could make up false information and get a job.

    And maybe terrorize people whose only claim to fame is that can hit a ball with those things you use for walking on snow.
  10. If you look at it with a little logic, a Jerno can take more risks when trying to squirm his sorry ARRSE into a secure area because he knows that if he is caught he can produce the old 'I was only doing it to check your security' card, while a criminal or terrorist can only pull the 'okay, you got me, lock me away and throw away the key' card.

    You also have to be amazed at the Scum's infantile attempt to make a 'bomb' out of a clock, two wires and a lump of plastercine. I mean, explosive detectors and serach dogs don't react to even huge quantities of plastercine, so they are bound to be able to be smuggled in undetected.
  11. String the pr*ck up, he works for the Scum, case closed.
  12. Ha! Gropu4 Securicor always causes amusment, when you mention it. Me and the building manager where disscsussing new security contracts, as the tender is up, when one of us mentioned G4S, we both burst out laugthing, as we've worked for them in the past.

    Remember Group4 letting all those prisnoers go? Securicor went from around 20+ Sites a couple of years ago to about 3 or 4 in my local area...

    And didn't they try something like this last year as well? Even G4S will learn...
  13. Don't knock G4S, there employing some top quality ex military types at the moment (ME!)

    You'd be surprised at some of the organisations that employ G4S.

    Self - promotion this may be, but I know the quality of staff we are getting at the moment but like everything else, we need more and more!
  14. I'll knock them, if you don't mind. I've worked on contract to them and was so disgusted at their appalling business ethics that I (finally) resigned, at some considerable cost to me. Unfortunately, on some overseas contracts, the pay is so (well, so-so) good that a great many former services people will close their eyes to their shenanigans. G4 Tend to employ some excellent local people but some of the least desirable British expats as managers. There are much better out there than that, believe me.

    (Edit: not to disparage you in any way, Lcml. G4's businesses are different in every country, I know, and I've met a couple of good blokes in one or two places, particularly the ME. Many more pricks who should be filleted in the courts, though. I suspect their central management hiring policy.)
  15. When the British press get back to reporting the news, rather than generating it, we will all be grateful.